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How to Crop Your Jeans


Ever wonder how other guys get their jeans to hang just so? The chopped-hem jean (with or without a cuff) is not only a modern look, it’s also easy to create.


What you’ll need:

Measuring tape

Good scissors

Tailor’s chalk or pencil


1. Choose your desired length. The easiest way to do this is to put on the jeans and fold each leg up until it’s just right.

Carefully remove the jeans and measure the cuff length. Remember, if you plan on wearing your cropped jeans with a folded cuff, take that into account and allow for the extra length of the fold.

2. Fold down the cuff, then measure out and mark the cut-line with your tailor’s chalk. An alternative method is to iron along the crease, which will leave a clear line.


3. Make your cuts. If you want to wear the jeans with a frayed hem, you can tweeze the edge to get the amount you desire.

4. If you want a cuffed look, fold the legs to the desired length and measure to be sure both legs are even. Use an iron to lock the crease into place.


Don’t feel up to the task? Check out our selection of jeans that are already cropped, frayed and ready to wear.



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