April 2018

side by side close up denim jacketside by side close up denim jacket

Denim is your ultimate canvas for self-expression, and there’s no better piece to customize than a jean jacket. Here’s how to give yours a new look by cropping it and removing the collar.

What you’ll need:

Measuring tape

Good scissors

Tailor’s chalk or pencil


1. Put on your denim jacket (Don’t have one? Try a Levi’s® Trucker Jacket). Using your tailor’s chalk, mark where you want the new hem.

2. Measure the distance from the bottom hem to your mark, and do that around the jacket until you have a series of marks.

3. Draw a line around the entire jacket by connecting the dots using a straight edge (ruler, book, etc.)

4. Lay the jacket flat and begin cutting left to right from the front to the side. Flip jacket and continue cutting until you hit the center line.

trucker jacket


5. Flip jacket back over, lay flat and repeat process in the other direction — right to left.

6. Remove the collar. If you don’t have a seam ripper, simply cut just below the seam, using it as a guide. Cut one side and then the other until the collar lays flat.

(Optional: If you have a seam ripper, you can remove the collar with a bit more precision.)

7. Lay collar flat and do final cut.

denim jacket diy cut up


8. You can create frayed ends either by tweezing out the threads or simply by tossing the Trucker Jacket in the wash.

trucker jacket frayed ends close up

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