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Happy 501® Day!

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Every May, we celebrate the anniversary of our 501® Original with a series of events all over the world. Think music, parties and lots of denim, including a limited-edition collection. This month-long global party honors a true icon and what it means to be an individual. Everyone’s invited and this year we were lucky enough to partner up with a very special guest — 501® superfan and model — Hailey Bieber. Keep reading for a peek at her custom 501® Shorts.

Custom Details

501® jeans have always been a blank canvas for self-expression. In fact, the first pair of jean shorts invented were made by simply cutting off the legs on a pair of 501® Originals. With customization built into the DNA of our 501® shorts, it’s no wonder why they’ve remained a personalization classic.


If you’re looking for customization inspiration, check out Hailey’s version of this iconic fit. Here, she’s replaced our traditional copper buttons with colorful ones — an easy fix at The Levi’s® Tailor Shop — and added some DIY  bleach splatter to make them truly her own.


The Levi’s® Tailor Shop

From function to fashion, people have been customizing their Levi’s® for more than 145 years. And everybody who lives in Levi’s® knows that over time, their denim becomes reflective of how they live their lives. Every sign of wear and tear represents a piece of the wearer’s story.


Whether you’re creating something from scratch or customizing an existing pair of jeans, The Levi’s® Tailor Shop can help. Services like hemming, distressing and embroidery make it fun and easy to create your own look.


If you’re not near a Levi’s® Tailor Shop, our online customization options let you play with different designs from the comfort of your own home.


We are all collaborators. Shop our 501® men’s jeans and women’s jeans and customize your own. Then share your creation by tagging @levis, #501Day and #LiveInLevis on Instagram.

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