Customized Wedding Party Gift Ideas, The Levi’s® Way

June 23, 2018

From family customs to cultural practices, we’ve watched traditions evolve generation to generation, becoming more personalized over time.


One shift we’ve seen trickling in through our #LiveInLevis community is in wedding etiquette — gifts, in particular. While engraved flasks and matching robes are still popular present ideas for wedding parties, brides and grooms are getting more creative in how they share their appreciation for friends and families on their big days.


Enter: Wedding party gifts, the Levi’s® way. Classic denim staples customized with chain-stitched embroidery in personalized designs by you. Scroll through some of our favorite wedding party gift ideas below.

Getting married or not, the Levi’s® Tailor Shop is here for you. From jeans to Trucker Jackets, the Tailor Shop can customize, personalize or repair your most-treasured pieces.


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