#IShapeMyWorld / March 2020

Celebrating International Women’s Day

I Shape My World

They earned their titles. It’s time to let them own it.

Women are doing incredible things. They’re shattering glass ceilings, infiltrating boy’s clubs, and re-coding the very systems our society runs on. And what do they get for this?…nicknames like “lady boss,” “She-E-O,” and “Mompreneur.”

But it actually goes beyond nicknames. “Female astronaut.” “Female senator.” “Female wrestler”— when recognizing women’s accomplishments, gender tends to be the first thing our world sees.

It’s true that women bring a unique perspective to any table they sit at. But, we think it’s time to start focusing more on the incredible skills and talents that got them there. Women are qualified. Their titles shouldn’t be.

Join us this year as we continue I Shape My World, our ongoing initiative to bring women everywhere the full recognition they deserve—no qualifiers, no exceptions. #IShapeMyWorld

A computer scientist. A producer. A journalist. A skater. Shaping their worlds.

We’re featuring four women who have accomplished great things and lifted up others while doing it. Click through to follow their stories below. And, join the conversation with #IShapeMyWorld

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