Behind the Scenes of Levi’s® Made & Crafted®

April 13, 2018

Since its inception, Levi’s® Made & Crafted® has taken on an identity all its own. First, it’s a collection that perfectly blends our past with our future. Second, its name is inherent of two standards: quality construction and carefully crafted details. Every season brings a new set of inspiration and a new vibe. And every season, our designers up the ante on their creations.


We talked with Nick Rendic, our men’s designer for the collection, about the roots of Made & Crafted® and what it’s like creating the line every season.


Levi’s®: When and how was Made & Crafted® born?

Rendic: We started the line eight or nine years ago in Europe. It was always meant to be the counterpoint to Levi’s® Vintage Clothing. Whereas our vintage line is centered around reissuing stitch-for-stich replicas of heritage Levi’s® pieces, Made & Crafted® creates the future archival pieces. It’s also about reinterpreting our Icons in new ways.


How would you describe the Made & Crafted® identity?

It’s an elevated and differentiated version of the original Levi’s® aesthetic — our most heightened version of the brand.



Do you have a specific type of person in mind when coming up with new ideas?

I think Made & Crafted® is for the person who loves Levi’s® but wants to experience the brand on a more elevated level.



How does your team experiment each season with designs?

On the men’s side, we usually begin with our Icons (the 501®  Original, 511 Slim and Trucker Jackets) and use those as the starting point to experiment with what’s happening in fashion.




What’s been your favorite season or favorite piece(s)?

That’s a really tough question. Every season is my favorite as it’s being developed. It’s the nature of fashion to fall in love and then move on. I think the consistency is with our Icons, though. You really can’t beat a T-shirt, jeans and a denim jacket.



Can you talk a little more about how you infuse iconic Levi’s® style with the Made & Crafted® identity?

For me the trick is really getting into the seasonal inspiration and blending it with our heritage. For our Spring/Summer ‘18 idea of “voodoo surf,” for example, using the defining characteristics of the locations and the culture that inspired our designs gave some of our favorite pieces new life, or at least a new point of view.



What’s your favorite part about designing for Made & Crafted®?

This is a hard one. I feel a tremendous amount of responsibility and pride getting to work with denim at the original denim brand. It’s also really inspiring telling a very concise story year after year, not only through the product, but also through the way we bring each seasonal collection to life.


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