Holiday DIY

A Homemade Host Gift

December 10, 2019

As you make your way through this season’s never-ending circuit of holiday parties, remember the golden rule of every good guest: never arrive empty handed.

This year, we’re crafting our host gifts using leftover denim from previous DIY projects (as in those skinny jeans we turned into shorts this past summer). Not only does this play into our efforts to gift more sustainably, it just feels way more personal to give a good friend a homemade present.


What you’ll need:
A pair of old jeans
2 strips of high-vis ribbon
An extra scrap of denim
Measuring tape
Sewing Needle
Sewing Pins

Step 1: Cut off one pant leg, from the knee to the leg opening.

Step 2: Take your scrap denim and cut a circle that measures slightly larger than the width of your pant leg.

Step 3: Turn the pant leg inside out and pin the circle to the raw edge.

Step 4: Pin the two high-vis ribbons on the opposite end of what would be the ankle opening of the jeans.

Step 5: Sew the circle bottom and then sew on the two strips of high-vis ribbon as handles.

Step 6: Turn right side out, add a bottle of wine and go!

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