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January 2022

collage of models; Kid Cudi,  Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Staz Lindes,  Tremaine Emory, Gia Seo,  Mike D, and  Nathan Westlingcollage of models; Kid Cudi,  Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Staz Lindes,  Tremaine Emory, Gia Seo,  Mike D, and  Nathan Westling

The blue jean. It’s easy to take the style staple for granted, but there’s a storied history to this casual essential and it all starts with one auspicious numeral. Mystery surrounds why “501®” was chosen, but one thing is for certain: it’s the number that changed everything. It all started with the brand’s very first collab: San Francisco wholesaler Levi Strauss and Nevada-based tailor Jacob Davis linked up to revolutionize work pants with the addition of durable rivets to make them even stronger. The denim duo patented this process on May 20, 1873, creating the blueprint for all blue jeans—and the rest is history. We now know this icon as Levi’s® 501® Jeans.

The denim legend’s distinctive five-pocket design, straight fit and button fly has come to signify rule-breaking, gender-bending, wear-it-how-you-want effortless cool. What was once a utilitarian uniform has become the fit favored by everyone from pop stars and politicians to tech rebels and rockers—and it’s the blank canvas for creative expression for style-setters like you. Whether you *just* added them to your cart or wear a thrifted pair that’s lived-in to perfection, the legacy of 501® Jeans continues to represent the past, present and future of iconic style. Did we mention this fit really does get better with time?

To celebrate 149 years of epic denim, we teamed up with seven visionaries who truly embody this spirit of the 501® Jeans, paying homage to the pair that started it all.

Kid Cudi (@kidcudi) is a hip-hop innovator, actor, producer and intergalactic sonic explorer. Known for his psychedelic aesthetic and autobiographical lyrics that touch upon topics like depression, addiction and the darker realms of the human psyche, Cudi created his own distinctive niche in the world of pop music and popular culture. An outspoken advocate for mental health and addiction awareness, Kid Cudi has been open about his own past struggles, helping fans to forge connections and take inspiration from this prolific performer. Similar to his genre-defying songs, this L.A.-based, Cleveland-born visionary is always evolving and changing to better himself and push his artistic capabilities to the limits of the galaxy. His most recent release “Man on the Moon III” is a transcendent and ambitious effort that closes the three-part lunar saga of Cudi’s universe.

collage style of Kid Cudi posing in a custom trucker jacket and 501 Jeans

My vintage 501® jeans fit like a glove and they’re perfect. I’ll be wearing these every f**king day.

Kid Cudi

Black and white photo of Kid Cudi in trucker, no shirt and classic 501 JeansBlack and white photo of Kid Cudi in trucker, no shirt and classic 501 Jeans

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson (@gabriellak_j) is so much more than a stylist. She’s a paradigm-shifting change-maker shaking up the fashion world one arresting editorial at a time. Gabriella is also the first Black woman to style a “Vogue” magazine cover—creating an iconic image of model Paloma Elsesser that brings to mind a modern-day Aphrodite emerging from the mythic sea foam. She’s also the sartorial mind behind the epic special edition cover featuring Vice President Kamala Harris. After working for heavy hitters like Tonne Goodman, Julia Sarr-Jamois and Joe Zee, she developed her own signature point of view that crafts beautiful narratives while pushing the boundaries of representation to truly change what fashion looks like.

collage style photos of Gabriella posing in 501 Jeans, a simple white crop tank and classic trucker jacket
black and white image of Staz from the back, wearing a plain white tee and classic 501 Jeans

Staz sideways in chair with a pageboy cap, plain white tee, and classic 501 Jeans

Model and musician Staz Lindes (@yostazyo) was simply born this way. The daughter of Hal Lindes, guitarist of iconic eighties outfit Dire Straits, and model Mary Lovett, this London-born, L.A.-based beauty was encouraged to foster her creativity and follow in her family’s famous footsteps. While stardom comes naturally to Staz, this self-proclaimed “nerd” remains surprisingly grounded. After being spotted on stage with her punk band The Paranoyds, Staz made her runway debut walking for Saint Laurent and was a muse for the brand’s influential designer Hedi Slimane, eventually becoming the face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Today, she gracefully vacillates between the exhilarating grittiness of a touring musician and the inherent elegance of high fashion.

There’s nothing as comfortable and versatile as the 501®. You can go feminine or masculine with it.

Staz Lindes

Multi-hyphenate doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of Tremaine Emory (@tremaineemory) innovative capabilities. First and foremost, this prolific creative is a storyteller weaving conceptual narratives into everything he touches. The cultural arbiter, artist, creative director and founder of streetwear brand Denim Tears frequently uses denim to explore the story of cotton in America and the fabric’s inherent connection to slavery. The resulting garments and accessories are wearable forms of art that confront and repurpose symbols of the African diaspora, like a cotton wreath or a modernized plantation hat. With a seemingly endless creative bandwidth, Tremaine has also consulted with the likes of Frank Ocean, Virgil Abloh, Tom Sachs, André 3000 and also served as brand director for YEEZY.

collage style photos of Tremaine in a bold winter hat, tightly colored sweater and relaxed 501 Jeans

Model, creative director and style innovator Gia Seo (@giaxseo) is both visionary and strategic. The Brooklyn-based creative and sock enthusiast challenges the norm through her style POV and her relentless mission of inclusivity, especially for the Asian American community. Representation matters and Gia is thoughtful about her collaborations and who she chooses to work with—they can’t just talk the talk, they must walk the walk, too. Born and raised in Alaska, Gia is also passionate about earth-focused initiatives and believes that the denim industry is the first place where these changes can and should happen.

full length of gia, styled in a oversized white button up shirt, classic trucker and fitted 501 Jeans

black and white image of gia, cropped to show classic trucker buttoned up and fitted 501 Jeans

Mike D's (@miked) invaluable contribution to music and popular culture is immeasurable. Since the eighties, the emcee and multi-instrumentalist brought brash punk rock vibes, smartly comical lyrical stylings and sample-heavy sounds to the rap game, forever changing the sound of popular music for generations of fans. Today, the avid surfer and philanthropist, who works closely with the Rainforest Action Network, Conservation International and Fibershed, also hosts the ultra-popular radio show “The Echo Chamber,” featuring interviews with artists and a curated playlist of must-listen songs.

collage style shots of Mike D in a plain white tee and classic, light wash 501 Jeans
Mike D sitting on the floor in classic, light wash 501 Jeans and a plain white teeMike D sitting on the floor in classic, light wash 501 Jeans and a plain white tee

Model Nathan Westling (@nathanwestling) is finally feeling comfortable in his own skin. Even after becoming one of the most recognizable faces in fashion and strutting the runways of the most acclaimed brands and fashion houses, Nathan never felt truly himself. That all changed when he announced his male gender identity and took a hiatus from his burgeoning career to align mind and body. Now back in the world of fashion, the busy model has been embraced by the industry and his peers; most importantly, he’s living his truth authentically and on his own terms—and his enthusiasm and lust for life are infectious. Through his personal journey, he hopes to help inspire and educate others to live their own truth as well.

collages style shots of model Nathan in plain, baggy black tee and loose 501 Jeans