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High Water Wide Leg Jeans
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Wide Leg Pleated Jeans
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Levi’s® has been the leader in producing high quality jeans for over a century. And while bell-bottoms were created in 1813 (as part of uniforms for the Navy, no less), we were there to witness wide leg pants become truly popular in the 1960s. A fashion statement in its own right, wide leg jeans are now the new iteration of this tried-and-true style, the new bohemian if you will.

Made from 100% cotton and non-stretch denim, our women’s wide leg jeans won’t wear out the more you wear them. Wear them all day during work; to drinks after work; to brunch on the weekends; to run your errands; to run out the door because you’re running late -- No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, these wide leg jeans will always keep their shape.

The silhouette of wide leg pants make them a statement piece on their own, but color and wash options can make them more versatile and easily wearable for every day. Our color and denim washes add an extra special touch to your flared, wide leg jeans. From soft blue to deep indigo, cream to black, you can make our jeans your own.

The best part about women’s wide leg jeans is their origin story. Pay homage to the hippie movement by pairing your favorite wide leg jeans with a funky, floral print or a tye-dye t-shirt. Subtle details bring wide pants to life -- so opt for bell-sleeves, ruffles, and a general more-is-more attitude. And -- if you really want to dial them down, a t-shirt and sneakers are the perfect way to make your wide leg jeans more casual and daytime-friendly.

Whether you’re someone who’s nostalgic for a different era or someone who chooses to live in the current moment, wide leg pants have officially bridged the gap between past and present. Updated and modernized for today’s generation, Levi’s® wide leg jeans are quickly becoming a must-have staple in every woman’s closet.