Student Savings


Students! You all are the real ones. You’re up early, working late, even putting in hours at the library, all in the noble pursuit of knowledge. And we’ve been there (trust us). That’s why we believe that all your hard work should be rewarded––with something other than that degree we mean. That’s where our 15% OFF student discount comes in. We know school is expensive and that working and going to school doesn’t always yield the financial windfall some would expect. So student discounts are really a no-brainer. By becoming a clothing store with student discounts we made sure we can serve our students with all the clothing they need for every aspect of their complex lives. From jeans and tops for class to outerwear and hats for their commute, and even backpacks for their books and laptops––we offer our student discount on the clothes they need to further their education and make their way in the world. Because the students of today will eventually become the Levi’s® employees of tomorrow so it’s best to treat them right from the start.

Blue, purple and orange gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on topBlue, purple and orange gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on top

As if you weren’t doing enough learning, we thought we’d give you a little history lesson. It’ll be a quick one, we promise. So we’re Levi’s® and we were founded over a hundred years ago. You know how George Washington Carver invented peanut butter? And Thomas Edison invented the light bulb? Yeah add us to the list of prominent American inventors cause we pretty much invented the blue jean. Yeah, that’s right the thing that basically all of you have in your closet? That was us. But we don’t like to rest on our laurels, oh no. We continue to make high-quality clothing that’s as timeless and lasting as our original pair of 501® jeans. How do we do it? It’s simple. We design classic pieces that won’t feel dated after just a couple of seasons. Then we make them from high quality materials that last and last (that’s why vintage buyers love us so much). The end result? Tops, shirts, pants, jackets, skirts, and jeans that are enduring as your education.