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How to Keep Black Jeans Black

Putting on black jeans is an effortless way to step up your look. Of course, if you take pride in the wear and tear of your jeans, we get it. But if you’re looking to keep them dark and sharp, we’ve got you covered with some easy tips and tricks to try at home.

Machine washing your jeans is the quickest way to fade them. Instead of running for the washer-dryer, try spot-treating the stains instead. Put them in the freezer to kill any bacteria and lingering odors.

If the freezer isn’t for you and you do toss those black jeans in the machine, be sure to turn them inside out, use cold water and get a detergent that’s specially formulated for dark fabrics. When they’re done, hang dry.

Did you know that vinegar is known for locking in color? For an extra color-safe cleaning, soak your black jeans in cold water and a half cup of white vinegar for 30 minutes and then line dry. Added benefit: soaking and handwashing is gentler on fabric, and maintains the quality of black denim.


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