Jeans Levi’s® Lot No. 1


Levi’s® Lot No. 1 made-to-measure jeans respond to the growing desire for products hand-crafted by experts with special knowledge.

These are perfectly crafted and tailored to last over time and are certified by our master tailor, who specializes in working with denim.


Crafted entirely by hand, from the moment the measurements are taken to when the product is given to the customer, each pair of Lot No. 1 jeans requires between 5 to 6 weeks of work involving great care, patience and attention to detail. 

The Lot No. 1 workshop is available on the first floor of the Levi’s® Champs Elysées store, where you can make an appointment, design the jeans of your dreams, learn about the special expertise and step-by-step work of our master tailor, or admire vintage machines from San Francisco.   

Discover the Lot No. 1 made-to-measure service on the first floor of the Levi’s® Champs Elysées store.

76 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris.  


This service is exclusively available in 5 cities: Paris, San Francisco, New York, Tokyo and London. 


Phone: +33153530573 

Contact: LOT1-CHAMPSELYSEES@levi.com


The process to create your Levi’s® Lot No. 1 made-to-measure jeans involves selecting the authentic Selvage denim (its thickness and color), the cut, the silhouette and iconic Levi’s® details, such as the label on the back, the topstitching, the thread and the buttons or tacks.   


Each pair of Lot No. 1 jeans is unique and identifiable by its edition number, the words “Made in Paris”, and the owner’s name on the inside of the pocket. The pattern and measurements for each pair are then archived and stored on behalf of the owner. 


To mark the 150th anniversary of the 501® style, the Levi's® Lot No. 1 service invited Atelier CRAFT to recreate a batch of 501® jeans from 1873.  


Through this initiative, Atelier CRAFT created a pair of jeans that each of its members can wear throughout the day: in the workshop, in meetings, when assembling or on a building site. 


This partnership pays tribute to the first pair of jeans from the 501® line: the 1873 model, originally designed for American workers, miners and gold miners. 


Located in Aubervilliers in an old refurbished car garage, Atelier CRAFT is a hub of creativity revolving around art, design and architecture.   

Adopting an eco-responsible approach, CRAFT paid close attention to the materials used, their life cycle and reuse. 

As such, denim scraps from the Lot No. 1 workshop were used to bring the project to fruition.

Inspired by the Japanese Boro patchwork technique, each pair of jeans is assembled from different-size pieces of denim. 

In collaboration with the master tailor of the Lot No.1 service, each member of the studio worked on their own pattern to create 5 unique stories.  

Minh’s jeans are inspired by the tatami mats in karate; Roman’s by minimalism; Charles’ by the architecture of northern France; Luc’s by trousers worn by carpenters; and Lucas’ by the city of Toronto.  

Combining the expertise of the Lot No. 1 service and CRAFT workshop, these 5 jeans are the result of a year’s worth of work.