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Laydown of trucker jacket with heart shaped crystal design

How To Add Crystals To Your Trucker Jacket

Our tailor teaches you how to add a little razzle dazzle to your favourite jacket.

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Threading and monogram process

How To Monogram Your Stuff

Our tailor teaches you how to chain stitch letters and designs into your garments

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Blanket made out of patchwork denim.

Make a Blanket from Your Old Denim

Even if you’re done wearing your jeans, you don’t have to be done with them. Give them a second life as a blanket, in five easy steps.

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How to Make a Stained Glass Trucker Jacket

Our tailor shows you how to customize your Trucker from home.

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How to Customise the Back of Your Jean Jacket

Mash a Trucker Jacket and graphic tee together for a new look.

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How to Make a Cropped Western Shirt

Three easy steps with video tutorial to help you turn your Western top into a crop top.

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How to Make a Hybrid T-shirt

Upcycle those old tees for an ultra-current look.

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DIY Projects with Old Clothes

A roundup of our favourite DIY clothes tutorials.

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Moving image of a DIY denim skirt.

How to Make a Denim Skirt

Turn your old jeans into a new skirt.

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Yes, You Can Be a Spray-Dye Artist

We still love tie-dye, but lately we’re crazy about spray-dye.

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You’re About to Learn How to Make a Wallet

A super simple DIY project using old denim.

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jean with materials to DIY paint

DIY Accent-Pocket Jeans

A how-to on painting denim.

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DIY sport stripe jeans

DIY Sport Stripe Jeans

A how-to on creating your own track-inspired jeans.

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How to Keep Black Jeans Black

3 easy tricks to make your dark denim last.

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How to Crop Your Jeans

Learn how to cut your Levi’s® jeans and leave them with a raw edge.

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How to Turn Jeans Into Cut-Offs

Learn how to chop your Levi’s® jeans into shorts.

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