Repair & Rewear: How to Repair Jeans

December 2022


Repair & Rewear: How to Repair Jeans.

Jeans are made to be worn. A lot. So it’s only natural that you might find a hole or an open seam somewhere in your favourite pair. Denim is a pretty tough material, but it’s easy to patch back together, so don’t be afraid of repairing your own jeans at home. Repairing your jeans should always be the first option before buying new.

Can you repair your jeans?

Yes! Some of the most common places for jeans to show wear and tear are on the knees or crotch, or anywhere the denim naturally creases. Whether you want to patch up a hole, restitch a seam or fix a fray, repairing your jeans will make them last even longer and save you money on a new pair.


How to repair holes in jeans

To repair a hole, all you need is a needle and thread. Start stitching from the inside of the jeans, then up and down along the width of the gap. Then, sew along the length of the hole to firmly secure it. Done!

Love adding unique touches to your denim? A hole is a perfect opportunity to dive in with patches and creative needlework. Cover the hole with a patch of your choice for a bespoke design on your jeans. If you’re feeling extra creative, go for thicker thread in a bright colour to stitch the hole closed. Or, use Sashiko Stitching to fix holes that look so good that you’ll wish your jeans needed more repairs.


How to repair frayed jeans

Repairing frayed jeans is a little more complicated because the frayed threads show more signs of wear. First, you need to trim away the loose threads to clean up the area you want to fix. Next, decide whether to stitch the jeans back together or, for larger holes, insert a patch of denim. You already know how to stitch a gap closed, but if you’re using a patch, you need to sew it in from the inside to create a seamless, smooth repair.


What to do if you can’t repair jeans

If you can’t repair jeans, there are plenty of other options. If your jeans need a repair below the knee, you could cut off the material and turn your jeans into DIY shorts. Or, you can take the denim from your jeans and turn it into anything you want, from accessories to homewares.

But sometimes, it’s just time for a new pair of jeans. Investing in well-made, high-quality jeans is the next best thing after repairing your jeans yourself. Shop our collection of men’s jeans and women’s jeans and find the perfect pair.


How to upcycle your old jeans

There are plenty of easy DIY options for upcycling your jeans rather than buying a new pair. Upcycling jeans is a great way to save money and shop sustainably. Plus, you’ll end up with an entirely unique wardrobe staple! If you need more inspo, head to Make it Yours for ideas about how to give your jeans a revamp for a new lease of life.

DIY Distressed Denim

One of the simplest ways to upcycle your jeans is to distress them. Distressing jeans is all about creating careful rips and tears to make your denim look like it’s been worn out naturally. Grab chalk, fabric scissors and tweezers and check out our tips for Distressing Denim to give your old jeans a whole new look.



If you want to give your jeans a new look by altering the wash, the easiest way is to make a bleach splatter. Make a mixture of water, cornstarch and bleach, and then it’s up to you how you want your jeans to look. For the full lowdown on upcycling your jeans with bits from the kitchen cupboard, read our guide on how to bleach denim.

Tailor Shop

Breathe some new life into your Levi’s® jeans by taking them down to your nearest Levi’s® Tailor Shop. We’ll help you add patches, pins, studs or anything else you want to your denim or give your pieces an update with tailoring. Not only will it feel like you’ve got a brand new pair, but all your customisations will make them unique to you.

Repairing your jeans is the first thing you can do to keep them in your wardrobe rotation. Repairs save you from buying new, and it’s an easy, sustainable habit to get into for the price of a needle and thread.