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Belt or no Belt? | Off the Cuff - Levi’s Belt or no Belt? | Off the Cuff - Levi’s

To belt or not to belt? Belts are one of the most effortless accessories to add to any outfit. Don’t think of belts as just an extra pair of hands keeping your trousers in the right place. They can make an outfit, too! Whether you rely on one staple belt for every occasion or have a whole collection, these accessories are wardrobe essentials for fashion and functionality.


Aside from the function of a belt to hold up your trousers, there are other times when you should wear one. It goes without saying, if you’ve chosen a pair of trousers with belt loops, add a belt to keep them where you want them. Belts come into their own when you’re wearing a top or shirt tucked in – these simple accessories can complete the look, no matter how casual or smart.

Should you wear a belt with jeans?

Even if you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, adding a belt is a great way to step up your look with an easy accessory. A leather belt with denim jeans never fails. You can also experiment with any colour or material, from web or canvas to suede.
Shop our range of men’s belts and women’s belts to find your new favourite accessory. Whether you’re looking for a plain leather belt for a classic look or a brightly coloured belt to make a statement, nothing combines practicality and style like a great belt.


Should you wear a belt with a suit?

A belt is the perfect finishing touch when you’re wearing a suit. Suit trousers should be tailored to fit without needing a belt, but you should still wear one, especially if your pants have belt loops. They’re also a great way to accentuate your waistline or add a subtle break in your outfit to help with proportions.


How to style belts with jeans

Belts are super functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t inject style into your outfit. Level up your jeans by adding a belt, whether you want to change your silhouette or add a pop of colour.


Most belts have a metal buckle, so check whether your belt buckle has a gold or silver finish. Your Levi’sⓇ also have metal details like a silver button and small copper disks on the edge of the front pockets called rivets, which have been a staple of our jeans since 1873. Make sure your belt buckle complements the metal you can see on your jeans, and the tone of your jeans. Silver belt buckles work better with light or cool toned jeans, and gold belt buckles complement darker or warmer denim tones.



If you size up when buying a belt, you’ll be able to adjust it to the correct size with extra material left over. This is where the fun starts. For leather belts, there are plenty of ways to loop and knot the excess into a unique style every time. For utility or web belts, leave the extra material hanging down for an easy streetwear look. It’s really that simple. Now you know how – and when – to wear belts, putting together looks is easy. Belts work with almost every outfit when you find the right one to take your style up a notch.