The world’s most searched for jean styles

February 2023

The world’s most searched for jean styles The world’s most searched for jean styles

The top 5 most popular jeans styles for women – as revealed by Google

In case you haven't noticed, we have quite a few different jeans styles here at Levi's®. It all began 149 years ago with the 501® the original jean crafted by Levi Strauss in 1873. With a classic straight leg and iconic design, these jeans have never gone out of style. 


But the modern world is all about choice and the Levi's® denim is no different. Thanks to decades of fashion innovation and a commitment to lasting quality, we now have hundreds of styles to choose from. 


From the lean, sleek skinny jean to the high-waisted, flared silhouette of 70’s inspired denim, we wanted to find out which style is the most in-demand around the world. We looked at Google search data and analysed the most searched for style by country over the last 12 months to reveal the most popular jeans around the world. This revealed the key styles online shoppers have been obsessing over for the last year. 

Levi's Most Searched Jeans Levi's Most Searched Jeans

Mom jeans – 8.1 million

In 10 of the 18 countries we looked at, mom seemed to be the word. In fact, this tapered jean style racked up 1,980,000 searches alone in the USA, with an additional 397,200 in both Brazil and England.  


With its effortlessly flattering retro fit, it’s not hard to see why mom jeans are so popular. The high, tapered waist and wider leg mean this style leaves you room to relax while flattering your silhouette.  

Mom Jeans

Baggy jeans – 5.4 million

Coming in at second place is the 90’s style baggy jean, with a whopping 1,086,000 searches in Germany alone. Italy, Norway and New Zealand also prefer this loose jean style  


Slouchy, baggy styles are the denim shape of this season. With their voluminous legs, these jeans are synonymous with the nineties streetstyle. Whether ripped or distressed, wide-leg or balloon fit, this versatile, laidback style oozes effortless cool and will go with almost everything in your wardrobe.  

Baggy Jeans

Boyfriend jeans – 3.6 million

Dissimilar to the findings of the other 17 countries, the boyfriend jean is the top choice in South Africa with over 145,200 searches. 


An off-duty staple, boyfriend jeans offer a happy medium between the comfort of loungewear and the smart-casual look of jeans. The pinnacle of androgynous style, boyfriend jeans are loose fitting, slouchy and have a relaxed cut. Working with anything from a plain white tee to an oversized blazer and heels, boyfriend jeans have proven themselves to be a wardrobe essential 

Boyfriend Jeans

Flared jeans – 3.6 million

Once associated with groovy, hippie style, lava lamps and pet rocks, wide-legged flared jeans are making a comeback – especially in Australia where 118,800 annual searches made this the nation’s favourite jean style.

Usually high-waisted, this vintage silhouette has a leg-lengthening effect which is eternally flattering. Plus, with options that range from a subtle flutter to a full flare, you can go as wide as you dare with your denim.  

Flared jeans

Low waist jeans – 181,000

Norwegians certainly seem to think it’s time for a noughties revival as low rise jeans were revealed to be the country’s most coveted style with 79,200 Google searches each year. Effortlessly chic, this fit clings to the hips, leaving the midriff on show. 


If you really want to hail back to Y2K, grab a pair with a noughties-inspired flap pocket and some chunky stitching in a bootcut or flared silhouette. Pair with a crop top if you want to emanate your favourite 2000s fashion icon or opt for a baggy T-shirt tucked in or oversized shirt if you want a little more coverage.  

Low Waist jeans