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October 2021

National Coming Out DayNational Coming Out Day

A proud history. A brighter future.

This National Coming Out Day, Unlabeled has invited 8 LGBTQI+ icons from across Europe to talk about their coming-out, and why allies are so important to the LGBTQI+ community.

Allies are to LGBTQI+ people what Pride is to Love. When we come together, we form a fearless bond that pushes boundaries and encourages us to fight for inclusivity both now and in the future; empowering generations to come.

In a world where people and institutions try to make us silent, we need to raise our voices and keep standing together to grow a louder and stronger community.

Today, in celebration of the National Coming Out Day, those 8 talents shared their stories of acceptance, support, and love. 8 different stories with one same purpose: fight against silence and ignorance that are breeding ground for LGBTQI+phobias.

« In Poland, only 25% of mothers, and 12% of fathers fully accept their queer children. »

Mateusz Sulwiński (He/Him): Queer activist from Poland
National Coming Out Day

« My reason for coming out is because I was tired of not being who I am and not celebrating my authentic self. Because in growing up and in freedom of expression, there is something beautiful within that. »

Aishatu Shuaibu (She/Her): Founder of Moonlight Experience and Head of community for the Uk Black Pride
National Coming Out Day


The quality of human authenticity has no bounds - it breaks, divides, connects and is the perfect platform from which to create conversations about equality.

This is why it’s important to give platforms to people who inspire change by sharing their stories, bringing their diverse realities into the limelight.

We are convinced that celebrating differences and allowing people to open up to the world is the best way to challenge the norms and help people to become more broad-minded every day.

« Coming out is not just for yourself. It can be also in a political way, something positive for other persons, something helpful for other persons »

Daphne Bohémien (She/Her): Trans activist from Italy
National Coming Out Day

« My biggest fear is that they don’t take me seriously. That they just don’t believe me. »

El Fox (They/Them): German model and photographer
National Coming Out Day


Being an ally is all about embracing someone’s authenticity and history while showing respect for it. In our journey of self-acceptance, allies have a fundamental role to play. They need to be supportive when times get rough, and be educated enough to stand up for us when we are not allowed to use our voice.

It’s also really important to realize that in our fight for rights and equality, we are all allies. That never-ending struggle must lead us to stand together and create bridges intersecting all our communities. We need to accept and help each other in order to grow a louder and stronger community.

« I felt safe to come out to my parents because they loved me very much and I knew I was safe and I could do it »

Bryn (He/Him): Singer and songwriter living in Belgium
National Coming Out Day

« My mother has always supported me through all of my journey as a trans person »

Venus Liuzzo (She/Her): French model, journalist and video maker from Paris

National Coming Out Day


Love is to gather, listen, support, heal and flourish. But most of all, to love is to learn. It’s our duty to spread this message to people around us and beyond, because to learn is also to understand.

That’s why it’s our responsibility to educate our allies about our history and struggles so that they have the tools to defend us, act and amplify our voices around the world.

Only then, we can create a movement for love and equality and inspire people to take action. Together we are stronger, together we're not afraid to push boundaries and step by step strive for a more inclusive world.

« My mother was surprised because she didn’t know what is was (to be non-binary). But I sent her some videos and some articles and she started to understand me more and more. »

Megane Mercury (They/Them) : singer, model, photographer and video maker living in Madrid.
National Coming Out Day

« Intersectionality is very important to me because an identity is more than just being queer or black. It’s everything together that makes you, you. »

Bete Boe (She/Her): Dutch photographer and author
National Coming Out Day

More than just celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, Levi’s is also giving back. Through this campaign, Unlabeled is donating to the GiveOut emergency fund, in support of LGBTQI+ individuals at risk in Afghanistan.

National Coming Out DayNational Coming Out Day