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How to Style Chinos | Off the Cuff - Levi’s How to Style Chinos | Off the Cuff - Levi’s

Chinos have been around since the end of the 19th century, but it wasn’t until the ‘50s that they became a staple of men’s style. From their simple tailoring to that effortless, casual fit, there are plenty of reasons why chinos are a timeless classic that belongs in every wardrobe.

What are chinos?

Chinos are one of the most effortless trouser styles there is. The name comes from the twill fabric they’re made from, but chinos have become known for that distinct straight, tailored finish that works for all occasions. They bridge the gap between casual and smart trousers and are versatile, functional and lightweight.


Are chinos on-trend for men?

Chinos have been one of the most in-demand trouser styles for decades. It’s their versatility and functionality that have stopped them from ever going out of fashion. 
Since chinos are available in various colours, there’ll always be a pair that works for you. From the classic beige to other shades like navy and green, there’s lots of choice for stocking up on your new favourite trousers. If you’re looking for a place to start, look at our men’s trousers collection to find your perfect pair.


Do chinos suit all men?

Chinos wouldn’t be so popular if they didn’t offer a flattering fit that’s easy to pull off. They suit all men – but be sure to get the fit right on your waist, thighs and legs. 

Your chinos should sit comfortably on your waist without needing a belt. The fabric shouldn’t be too tight or pull at the knee on your thighs when you walk. Traditionally, chinos stop around the ankle, but switching up the leg length is a great way to ensure yours fit your unique style.

There’s a pair of chinos for everyone. For a baggier, relaxed fit, Levi’s® Skateboarding Loose Chinos are the perfect option. Straighter styles like the Xx Chino Straight offer a classic chino fit. Our XX Chino Slim Taper is ideal for anyone who wants a slim fit with a tapered ankle.


How to style chinos

You already know how versatile chinos are – when we say they work with everything, we really mean it. There are a million ways to style chinos, but we’ve got a few tips to help you get it right every time.

Tee and trainers

Nothing nails casual chic like a tee, chinos and trainers. It’s the ultimate look that’ll work for everything. Wear an oversized graphic tee with your chinos for a streetwear vibe, or tuck in a tighter-fitting top for a classic, streamlined look.

Blazer and smart shoes

Choose a colour blazer that contrasts with the trousers for a look that’s low-key and smart at the same time. Go formal in a button-down shirt, or wear a plain white tee under your blazer to nail the look without overdressing.


After you’ve grabbed your first pair of chinos, you might be unable to stop! With so many colours and styles on offer, we think chinos come very close to denim jeans as our favourite bottoms of all time. They’re a wardrobe essential that can take you anywhere – what did we ever do without them?