The Best of Bomber Jackets

January 2023


What is a bomber jacket?

The bomber jacket is the ultimate transitional layer. Endlessly versatile and effortlessly stylish, once you’ve invested in a great bomber jacket, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Military pilots first wore bomber jackets during the Second World War. By the 1950s, they’d been fully incorporated into American fashion. Bomber jackets are known for their elasticated or ribbed cuffs and hems. They give them a unique silhouette, usually zipping up at the front. They’ve been an outerwear mainstay for decades.

Investing in a high-quality bomber jacket will give you a super versatile piece that you can wear any time, for a long time.


A good bomber jacket ties any look together, no matter the occasion. Investing in a high-quality bomber jacket will give you a super versatile piece that you can wear any time, for a long time.

How should a bomber jacket fit?

Back in the day, bomber jackets had more of an oversized fit. You can still oversize if you want to keep that vintage look, especially if you’re going for a leather bomber jacket. Nowadays, the preferred fit of a bomber is more slimline.

Our Levi’s® Red™ Reversible Bomber Jacket nails modern bomber jacket style. Pulled straight from the original Levi’s® Red™ Collection, this jacket is an innovative take on bomber jackets made from sustainable fabrics. Oh, and did we mention it’s reversible?

Bomber jackets are meant to be a short style rather than a longline, so make sure the bottom doesn’t go too far below the waistband of your trousers. Unless you’re oversizing, the shoulder seam should sit at your shoulder, and the cuffs should meet your wrists.


Is a bomber jacket warm?

The original function of the bomber jacket was to be a lightweight jacket that kept its wearer warm. That’s still true today – depending on the material, a bomber jacket can be really warm. Due to their close fit and ribbing at the cuffs and hem, a zipped-up bomber jacket locks in plenty of warmth. Opt for a light material if you want a bomber jacket as a casual layer for warmer months. For your bomber to work year-round, choose a heavier fabric like denim, leather or suede.

If you want to layer with your bomber jacket, be mindful that you might not have enough room underneath it for thick layers. Still, a bomber is a perfect jacket to keep in your wardrobe and wear all year round. If you want to wear an oversized bomber, layering isn’t an issue – you’ll have plenty of room for knitwear or hoodies.

You can find your perfect bomber jacket in our range of Men’s outerwear and Women’s outerwear.


How to style a bomber jacket

It’s easy to get any look right when wearing a bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are one of the most versatile outerwear pieces out there, and they look great in every setting. Here’s how you can make your bomber jacket work, no matter the occasion:


With a bomber jacket in your wardrobe, you really can’t go wrong. A great bomber will complement any look, and you’ll love having a jacket that works year-round and for any occasion. Don’t just take it from us – shop our full range of Levi’s® Bomber Jackets and find out for yourself.