Dressing Up Dungarees

mai 2022


Dressing Up Dungarees: Style Guide

Our style choices have been influenced by the ‘90s since they came and went. From corsets to crop tops, low-waisted jeans to butterfly clips – you can’t escape the decade. Nor do we want to.

Some trends might not suit your style, but dungarees stand out as a versatile wardrobe staple. Thanks to pop culture icons like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Friends, dungarees (also known as overalls) remain a favourite blank canvas today. Explore their potential with a pair of Levi’s®.

Ready to remix the tomboy aesthetic? Read on to find out how to get the most out of this signature staple.

What are dungarees?

Dungarees are the ultimate durable denim item, composed of a full or cropped trouser with a bib held up by straps on both shoulders. They’re usually made from denim, corduroy or heavy cotton.

Whether you’re roughing them up or styling them for an urban adventure, this timeless choice does all the heavy lifting. Dungarees have roots in functional workwear. As the legacy has evolved, these versatile pieces have been donned by all walks of life.

Denim dungarees, or overalls, are the traditional choice. If you want to mix things up, choose corduroy or colourful cotton overalls, as a fun way to elevate this signature look.


Are dungarees in fashion?

Yes! Dungarees are back in a big way. Did they ever really go out of style? We don’t think so.

Loved by tomboys and trendsetters alike, dungarees are a spring and summer essential. Layer them up to elevate your favourite pair into a go-to item all year round.

How should dungarees fit?

If rugged, skater styling is your choice, you might pick baggier dungarees to wear over a long-sleeved t-shirt or slouchy knit. Reimagine your favourite relaxed looks by opting for oversized dungarees in denim or cotton. For a contrasting silhouette, offset the baggy fit by wearing your overalls with a cropped tee underneath. Effortlessly cool.

Favour a more purposeful approach? Keep it functional by opting for a fitted pair in your favorite shade of denim. To stay true to tradition, pair your look with an understated white tee and trusty trucker jacket. Cool girl formula complete.


How to style denim dungarees

What’s underneath counts!

The key to your unique dungaree looks lies in your layering choices. Depending on the season, you have almost limitless options for bringing a fresh feel to your favourite, versatile item.

A fitted short or long-sleeved t-shirt is easy for a streamlined finish; be bold with colours or play around with prints. Bring out the palette with same-shade accessories – what’s a ‘90s look without a scrunchie, bandana or beanie?

If you prefer minimal dressing, stick with a classic white tee or neutral polo neck for colder weather. Dungarees are a perfect choice for winter, letting you tap into their functional roots.


Try Double Denim

What’s more ‘90s than double denim? This iconic trend is tried and tested by the best, and deserves its status as a street style staple. Step up the double denim effect by trading in your classic 501® jeans for dungarees, and layer with our trusty Levi’s® Trucker jacket for that final flourish.

Reinterpret the rules by opting for alternating shades of denim, or commit to the look with denim accessories. Stay true to the 90’s by opting for a baseball cap, or break out the bucket hat for extra style creds.


Get Creative!

Feel like taking a day off from denim? Use your dungarees as a canvas to express your creativity. Add some texture to tradition by choosing a pair of soft corduroy dungarees. After all, comfy and cute is certainly a style choice we can get behind.

Wearing your favourite colour is an effortless way to show off your personality. Get creative with your colour choices by opting for bright and bold alternatives. Bring the sunshine by saying yes to yellow, or shine bright in a white pair!

You can also play around with how you wear your favourite overalls. Deconstruct your look by leaving one strap undone; roll up the legs or choose dungarees that come up cropped to show off your boots or trainers. Dungarees are the ultimate durable and definitive style staple. Add versality to your wardrobe by investing in a classic pair, or get creative with your canvas by opting for comfy or colurful alternatives.



No matter your chosen approach, dungarees are the perfect way to add versatility to your wardrobe without compromising on the comfort of your favourite jeans. Get ready to update your look with a fresh and functional pair of Levi’s® overalls, and carve your own take on tradition.