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May 2021

Rigoberta BandiniRigoberta Bandini


Nature is at the heart of everything we do, particularly in our new collection, Second Nature, where outdoor style blends seamlessly with sustainable clothing. And we can’t think of anyone better than Rigoberta Bandini to spearhead this new change of rhythm. Discover your new must-have items for this spring!

The singer-songwriter, Rigoberta Bandini, alter ego of Paula Ribó, presents the new looks in our collection, filling the season with positive vibes. There is no one better than her to mirror our casual and up-to-date style that follows all the latest trends. Just like Rigoberta Bandini’s songs, it’s all about wearing what is natural, upbeat and fresh.

Rigoberta Bandini sentada en un patio de recreo.Rigoberta Bandini sentada en un patio de recreo.


Take a look at the key garments that the artist has chosen for her wardrobe this spring! Like our Loose Fits range of jeans, made from cottonised hemp, a fibre that is as soft as cotton and is also sustainable, with a manufacturing process that allows us to save water.

Combine your jeans with open, oversize shirts, floral T-shirts… and round off your look with an extra-long raincoat like Rigoberta’s. And, for those gorgeous sunny days, the perfect dress: wide, lightweight and made from organic cotton.

Rigoberta Bandini

And what would our outfits be without the right accessories and perfect shoes? If, like the artist, you’re a fan of bucket hats, bum bags and great trainers, but don’t want to give up on caring for our planet, you’re going to love our collection made from sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles or seaweed.

Rigoberta Bandini
Rigoberta BandiniRigoberta Bandini

“I’m Rigoberta Bandini when I write songs and I’m Paula Ribó when I write, act or direct shows”


Born in Barcelona and inspired by various musical influences, Rigoberta Bandini writes songs to celebrate life and find common ground among people. She’s a firm believer in music as a catalyst for bringing people together, through which we can open up about our vulnerability, our achievements and all those little things that make us feel big.

This year, she launched “Perra”, a catchy dance tune that addresses women’s empowerment with a strong message. She’s definitely an artist to watch!