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Levi's® Spain Beauty of Becoming

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September 2021

Levi's® Spain Beauty of BecomingLevi's® Spain Beauty of Becoming


"Imagine that you had the opportunity to go back in time and give advice to your 14-year-old self. What would you say?  When you ask yourself this question, remember the person you were at that age and try to sum up the most valuable lessons from that time until present day in just one sentence. 

  In Beauty of Becoming, we tell the stories of people who have followed very different paths and who have managed to transform their individual experiences to provide a collective value. They talk to us about their roots, their identity, the support they received, their toughest times… Everything adds up and contributes to that advice they give to their 14-year-old selves.

At Levi's® we want to celebrate diversity in all spheres. We want to let those voices that aren’t always accepted take centre stage, voices that are worth hearing. Thanks to the individual battles of each one, a real change is being achieved in society. The Beauty of Becoming campaign has been led by Inés de León, and tells the story of Lola Rodríguez, Megane Mercury, María León, Hanan Midan, Javier Taobada, María José Jiménez “Guru”, Núria Nubiola and Monste Bayén. They have all been portrayed by Adriana Ezkenazi and Laura Encursiva.

Get to know our protagonists and find out the path they took to become their most unique selves."

The Protagonists

Lola Rodríguez

Actress, model and trans activist

Actress, model and trans activist Lola Rodríguez has become well known through her role in the Spanish series Veneno. Lola is now an inspiration to the LGTBQIA+ community in Spain, inspiring everyone who knows her and follows her career as an activist and actress. 

When her transition began, Lola became aware of the lack of rights for the LGTBQIA+ community and, above all, trans minors. Since then, she hasn’t stopped fighting for change, evolving as a person and as part of the community.

Lola Rodríguez

“Realising I wasn’t alone and that there were a lot of people who wanted to live like me was liberating. You realise that you are valuable, that you are worthy. Be guided by how you see yourself and by how those who love you see you”

Megane Mercury

Non-binary multidisciplinary artist and activist for LGTBQIA+ right

Non-binary multidisciplinary artist and activist for LGTBQIA+ rights "In a short time Megane Mercury has become one of Madrid’s queer icons. Multidisciplinary artist known for his photographs, audiovisual projects and, recently, for his music.

Megane had his artistic awakening when he came out as non-binary. This allowed him to achieve different artistic areas he never imagined touching on. Now he is comfortable using any pronoun and, in fact, he often switches between them.

He believes that it is important for education on LGBTQIA+ terms and history to begin in the classroom. He does not classify himself according to a pattern of genders that society gives us and his freedom of identity is what defines him.

Megane Mercury

“Live secure in your identity and be proud of it”

María León

Professional footballer and defender of LGTBQIA+ righs

María León Professional footballer and defender of LGTBQIA+ righs " "From a young age, María León has been faithful to her instinct. Thanks to this, she has fulfilled her dream and become one of the best female Spanish footballers.

Her ambition and empowering attitude are an example to new generations of female footballers. At just 25 years of age, she has already won 3 Copas de la Reina, one Supercopa and has made history in Fútbol Club Barcelona, the first Spanish team to win the Women’s Champions League. 

With each victory, María has brought more visibility to women’s football, breaking down barriers and becoming a role model for empowerment. Thanks to her development, she is opening up the way for girls who also want to become professional footballers. María has worked very hard to get where she is, setting challenges for herself and always looking forward.

At the same time, María has become an active defender of LGTBQIA+ rights. Her message is clear: let’s make loving someone of the same sex the most natural thing in the world.

María León

“You have to believe in yourself, set ambitious goals and not pay attention to others.”

Núria Nubiola y Montse Bayén

Entrepreneurs and environmental activists

Núria Nubiola, environmentalist specialising in environmental management and communication, and Montse Bayén, biologist and environmental engineering consultant, began working together over 10 years ago. They have dedicated their lives to environmental activism, fighting for a more sustainable world and launching projects that have a positive impact on the planet.

In 2016 they created Back to Eco, an NGO dedicated to developing sustainable fashion projects specialising in the use of denim. Applying circular economy, they created a workshop where they make products by reusing and recycling post-consumer denim. Later on Infinitdenim was launched, a sustainable fashion brand made with recycled eco-friendly fibres.

Since then, they have received all kinds of awards: 2019 Catalonia Ecodesign Award for Product Under Development, Catalonia Award for the Most Sustainable Business in Barcelona, 2020 ADI Awards organised by the ADI-FAD Industrial Design Association and 2021 IF DESIGN AWARD, organised by World Design.

Núria Nubiola y Montse Bayén

“We want to transform the way fashion is understood. We have to give our pieces infinite value to create a minimal impact on the environment.”

Hanan Midan

Student, Tiktoker and anti-racism activist

At just 19 years old, Hanan Midan has become one of the best known anti-racism figures in Spain. She has revolutionised TikTok with her videos combating racism with humour, being a role model for young people who also suffer discrimination.

When she arrived in Spain from Morocco, she was bullied at school, but over time she learnt to keep going and come out stronger. The phrase “a smile defeats an enemy” has marked her life and she uses it as a weapon to defend herself from racism. Hanan considers these experiences to be lessons that have helped her to become the person she is today.

Her videos inspire new generations of young people to speak out against racism.

Hanan Midan

“You can say it louder, but not clearer: a smile defeats an enemy”.

Mª José Jiménez “Guru”

Activist, expert in intercultural mediation and President of the Association of Romani Feminists for Diversity (Asociación Gitanas Feministas por la Diversidad)

At just 12 years of age, Guru was aware of the lack of rights in the Romani community, especially for women. So she created an association of Romani women to give a voice to the injustices in their environment.

She holds a degree in Social Work and is a graduate of Humanities, lecturer of the Master’s degree “Gender Equality and Equality Policies”, and is the first female Romani candidate in the Spanish Congress of Deputies (Congreso de los Diputados). She also gives talks and conferences all over Spain on feminism, Romaphobia and Romani politics.

The influence of her grandmother as a feminist role model forms part of her identity. She always transmitted that bravery and strength with which Guru fights every day to defend the rights of her people. For her, the ancient identity of Romani people is one of the fundamental pillars of the Romani movement.

Guru’s work has had an impact not only on the lives of new generations of Romani women, but also on the whole Spanish feminist movement.

Mª José Jiménez “Guru”

“Don’t be afraid to start any project that is honourable for your people and gives a voice to the injustice around you”

Javier Taboada

Social educator, cultural consultant and member of Asociación Garaje

Javier Taboada is an activist and social educator. His goal is to support young people in difficult situations so they can learn to develop in a world full of social injustice. He educates from an angle that makes learning fun and enriching.

Javier grew up in an underprivileged area of Madrid, where he developed an acute social awareness. Today, he works using tools such as music so young people can express themselves and learn at the same time. As a social activist, he also participates in social inclusivity projects and environmental awareness campaigns.

Javier Taboada

“To be a social educator you have to be passionate about what you do, motivating young people and going beyond traditional teaching”