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Is my local store open?

We are re-opening a selected number of our stores including:

Store Opening Date
Levi's® Store ALICANTE REYES CATÓLICOS 5/18/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA CUCURULLA 5/20/2020
Levi's® Store BILBAO PLAZA MOYUA 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store CORDOBA 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store IBIZA 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store LAS PALMAS TRIANA 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID FUENCARRAL 5/20/2020
Levi's® Store OLOT SANT RAFEL 5/18/2020
Levi's® Store OVIEDO URIA 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store SAN SEBASTIAN URBIETA 5/13/2020
Levi's® Store TENERIFE CASTILLO 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store TENERIFE LA LAGUNA 5/11/2020
Levi's® Store VALENCIA LAURIA 5/18/2020
Levi's® Store VIGO PRINCIPE 5/11/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet BARAKALDO MEGAPARK 5/27/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA LUZ SHOPPING 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet MALLORCA FASHION OUTLET 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet MURCIA LA NORIA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet TELDE JINAMAR 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet SEVILLA FASHION OUTLET 5/28/2020
Levi’s® Factory Outlet TENERIFE EL GALEON 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store INTU ASTURIAS 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store A CORUÑA CC MARINEDA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store AS CANCELAS 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store BARCELONA CUCURULLA 5/20/2020
Levi’s® Store BARCELONA PASEO GRACIA 5/26/2020
Levi’s® Store BARCELONA RAMBLAS 5/26/2020
Levi’s® Store HUELVA HOLEA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store LAS PALMAS CC ALISIOS 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store LEIOA ARTEA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store MALLORCA CC FAN SHOPPING 5/27/2020
Levi’s® Store MALLORCA PORTO PI 5/27/2020
Levi’s® Store MELILLA PARQUE MELILLA 5/18/2020
Levi’s® Store MURCIA NUEVA CONDOMINA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store SAN SEBASTIAN GARBERA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store SEVILLA LAGOH 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store TARRAGONA PARC CENTRAL 5/27/2020
Levi’s® Store TENERIFE CC AÑAZA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store TENERIFE CC MERIDIANO 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store TENERIFE LA VILLA 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store VITORIA BOULEVARD 5/25/2020
Levi’s® Store Zaragoza CC Puerto Venecia 5/27/2020
Levi's® Factory Outlet ALICANTE CC SAN VICENTE RASPEIG 6/1/2020
Levi's® Factory Outlet GETAFE THE STYLE OUTLET 6/8/2020
Levi's® Factory Outlet LA ROCA CC VILLAGE 6/8/2020
Levi's® Factory Outlet MADRID LAS ROZAS VILLAGE 6/8/2020
Levi's® Factory Outlet MALAGA DESIGNER OUTLET 6/1/2020
Levi's® Factory Outlet POPUP LA ROCA VILLAGE 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store ALICANTE PLAZA MAR 2 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store BARAKALDO MAX CENTER 6/30/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA CC DIAGONAL MAR 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA CC L'ILLA 6/10/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA CC SANT CUGAT 6/10/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA GRAN VIA2 6/10/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA MAQUINISTA 6/10/2020
Levi's® Store BARCELONA SPLAU 6/10/2020
Levi's® Store CASTELLDEFELevi's® Store CC L'ANEC BLAU 6/11/2020
Levi's® Store GRANADA NEVADA 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store LAS PALMAS CC EL MUELLE 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID GRAN PLAZA 2 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID ISLAZUL 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID LA GAVIA 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID LA VAGUADA 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID PARQUE SUR 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID PLAZA NORTE 2 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID PLAZA RIO 2 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID PLENILUNIO 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID PRINCIPE PIO 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID X 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID XANADU 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MADRID ZIELO 6/8/2020
Levi's® Store MALAGA LARIOS 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store MARBELLA LA CAÑADA 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store MATARO PARC 6/10/2020
Levi's® Store ONDARA CC PORTAL DE LA MARINA 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store ORIHUELA LA ZENIA 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store SALT ESPAI GIRONES 6/4/2020
Levi's® Store TENERIFE CC THE DUKE 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store VALENCIA AQUA 6/1/2020
Levi's® Store VALENCIA BONAIRE 6/1/2020
When will you be re-opening your other stores?
We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and taking decisions on re-opening stores with the health and safety of our store teams and customers as our first priority. For updates on new store re-openings, please check in here on levi.com, get direct updates by subscribing to our newsletter, and check our social media channels.
Are you sure it’s safe for your employees and consumers?
The safety of our employees and the consumers that visit our stores is our top priority. We are taking a number of precautions to prepare re-opening, including a deep cleaning of our stores, providing hygiene products and personal protection equipment like hand sanitizer, masks and gloves for our employees and implementing new ways of working to sanitize our sales floors, fitting rooms, cash desks and back offices. Employees have also been trained on how to monitor their health and what to do if they suspect either a co-worker or consumer may be sick. Additional health and safety practices may vary location-to-location, guided by local authorities.
What measures have you taken to protect the safety of consumers visiting your stores?
Before re-opening, each store has undergone a deep cleaning to prepare to welcome consumers. Each store has been outfitted with alcohol-based hand sanitizer for consumers to use and a sanitization kit for fitting room disinfection. We will also be following the guidance of local authorities by limiting the number of consumers in a store at one time, maintaining required social distance inside and outside the store and requiring consumers to follow all regulations with respect to things like wearing face coverings. We are communicating these practices to consumers through signage in our windows and inside the stores.
Are all your stores in Spain opening at once?
No, we are re-opening our stores based on the guidance of local authorities. This means stores in shopping malls or larger stores over a certain number of square meters may still be closed or stores may be operating on reduced hours. If you have questions about your local store, please call to verify its status.
What products will you have in store and will all store services be available?
We’re excited about being able to offer a range of products from our new Fall/Winter 2020 collection in addition to our new Super Mario Collaboration. There are some limitations on services we can provide, like certain customization options in our Tailor Shops that require physical contact, due to social distancing guidelines. Keep an eye on levi.com and our social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter or download the Levi’s App to stay connected and be the first to find out information on new products and promotions.
How do I return/exchange my Levi.com order?
We hope you'll love your Levi’s® purchase, but we’re happy to accept returns and exchanges. We have currently extended our returns period for Levi.com to 90 days. Returns and exchanges are free of charge if you follow either option:

Option 1: Return or exchange by Prepaid Shipping Label included in your parcel:

  • In every levi.com parcel, you’ll receive a Returns delivery note with instructions to return or exchange using a prepaid shipping label.
  • Read the return instructions and fill in the Returns delivery note with the proper information.
  • Place your items plus the Returns delivery note in the original reusable shipping bag, box or other packaging of your choice.
  • Affix the prepaid shipping label included with your order to the outside of the package. The return label clearly indicates which parcel carrier you’ll need to use. Ship your package back to us by dropping it off at this carrier’s closest drop off location. To find a nearby drop-off location, visit the parcel carrier’s website.

Option 2: Create your own shipping label

If you lose the original shipping label included in your parcel, you will be able to generate it here. It is only possible to create one label per order. If you later decide to make an additional return, please contact customer service for assistance.
I lost my Prepaid Return Shipping label or Returns delivery note. Can I still make a return?
Yes, you’ll still be able to return your item even if you have lost your original return shipping label or packing slip. For more information, click here.
Can I return my Levi’s® store purchase to Levi.com?
Currently we cannot accept online returns for items purchased at Levi’s® Retail Store, Levi’s® Outlet Store, or third-party department stores.
How (and how soon) will I receive my refund?
Once your parcel is received by the carrier and arrives at our Distribution Center, your refund should appear on your bank or credit card statement within 3-5 working days. Your refund will be issued to the original payment. Refund processing times are dictated by the issuing bank and are outside of our control. Contact your bank for more information.
What’s your return policy?
We have currently extended our returns period to 90 days from the date of purchase. For more details, see our Return Instructions.
What if my order is damaged?
If you receive a damaged item, contact our Customer Service team right away so we can send you a replacement (if the item is still in stock). You can reach the Customer Service team at 00800 53847 501 (toll free from any landline).

If an item proves to be defective due to workmanship or materials, please return it as soon as possible by following the steps on the included Returns delivery note. Mark reason code #4 (Faulty item) to indicate the defective issue. Please note, this applies only to normal wear and does not apply to misuse, accidental damage or changing your mind.
What if I want to exchange my item?
If you prefer another size, you can request to exchange the item in the same way you make a regular return. On the Returns delivery note received in your parcel, please mark Reason code #9 (Exchange) and fill in your new size.

Continue with the instructions for a regular return using your Prepaid Return Shipping label or printed Return shipping label.

Once our warehouse receives your returned item with request for exchange, they will check if we have the requested item in stock. You will then receive a confirmation of successful exchange and estimated date of arrival. Exchange shipments back to you will be sent with the same carrier and service as the original shipment.

If this size is not available, we will refund your original payment method.

If you wish to exchange your item for another model or color, you must return the item and place a new order.
Do I have to pay a difference in price when I exchange?
Currently, exchanges can only be made for another size in the same model or color and will be honored at the original price of sale. We cannot issue refunds for price adjustments or exchange for another model or color of a similar item.
I asked for an exchange. Why am I being refunded?
When our warehouse receives your returned item with a request for exchange, they will check if we have the requested item in stock.

If the requested size is not available for exchange, we will automatically refund the original method of payment. We can only make exchanges in the same model or color, and cannot exchange the item for another model or color.
Will my Standard or Express shipping fee be refunded if I make a return?
Yes, if you return all items in your order, you will also be refunded the shipping fee (if paid). In case of partial return, the shipping fee will not be reimbursed.
Are returns free of charge?
Yes, all returns are free of charge.
Can I return with a different parcel carrier?
Yes, you can make a return with any parcel carrier of your choice. You will be responsible for any shipping costs associated with this parcel carrier.

Arvato Distribution GmbH
Marler Straße 181
46282 Dorsten

We recommend using a traceable parcel carrier when making a return.
Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

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Do you offer Express Shipping? How much does it cost?

Currently, express delivery is only offered in selected countries: France and the Netherlands.

For urgent orders we offer “UPS Express” as a delivery method. The current charge for express delivery 9.99 EUR per package. Please note the delivery times:

- Order by 11 am, Monday to Thursday --> next day delivery (Tuesday to Friday).
- Order after 11 am Thursday to 11 am Friday --> delivered the following Monday.
- Order after 11 am Friday until Sunday --> delivered the following Tuesday.

No delivery on bank holidays.

Help! I keep missing my delivery. What should I do?
If you miss your delivery, the carrier will let you know when they’ll try to re-deliver or will inform you to pick up your delivery at a carrier pick up location. In case of the delivery was not succesfull t will be automatically sent back to Levi’s eShop Returns department. In case you still would like to receive the order, please note that unfortunately, once the delivery is received by the Levi’s eShop Returns department, we will not be able resend it to you directly. However, we would be happy if you could place a new order with us.
Where is my order?
When will my order start processing?
Most orders begin processing as soon as you’ve clicked “Place my order”. After we’ve confirmed your payment method and shipping address, we’ll make sure your items are in stock. We’ll send you an email as soon as your order is on its way. Would you like more information? See our Shipping Policy or  Payment Policy.
Why can’t I add an item to my shopping cart?
If you are unable to add an item to your shopping cart, unfortunately that means the item you selected is currently out of stock. Please continue to check back for updated availability if you are still interested in purchasing the item or see "What if my items are out of stock online?" for other options.
What if my items are out of stock online?
Please come back to our site after a few days. We regularly restock our inventory.
If something you love is out of stock, don’t panic. Select your size and color and then click “Find in Store” – or use our Store Locator Tool to give your nearest Levi’s® store a call.
Pricing and promotions may vary between stores and Levi.com. All in-store purchases must be made in accordance with store pricing and policies.
How do I redeem a promo code?
Once you’ve picked out your items, go to "My Bag" to start the checkout process. Once there, you’ll see a field for PROMOTION CODE. Enter the code exactly as it appears (codes are case-sensitive), then click APPLY.
You can use one promotion code at a time, and we aren’t able to apply a promotion code after you’ve submitted your order.
How do I know that my Levi’s® jeans are the real deal?
We want to protect the integrity of our amazing brand, so Levi Strauss & Co. is committed to enforcing its trademark and property rights in order to prevent the sale of counterfeit products bearing its trademark or designs. However, we’re aware of counterfeit Levi’s products in the marketplace. In order to avoid purchasing a counterfeit item, we recommend that you purchase your jeans from Levi.com or from one of our authorized Levi’s dealers.
Characteristics of counterfeit products will vary on a case by case basis, but there are two trademarks of genuine Levi’s jeans:
1. The Tab Device trademark on the back right pocket
2. The Arcuate Stitching Design trademark (or “double arcs) on the back pockets
Want to know about how we create Levi’s products? Click Here
Can I cancel my order?

Once your order is placed, you will not be able to cancel your order or change your Billing/Shipping address.

Why was my order cancelled?
Occasionally, an order will be cancelled. This is usually because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Out of stock items
  2. Problems with processing payment information
  3. Problems with a shipping address
  4. Duplicate orders
If your order gets canceled, you’ll receive an important email explaining the details. you won’t be charged for any cancellations.
Sometimes stock is replenished. If your product or size is currently not available, check in again soon as it may become available again.
We also offer the option to send you a notification when the item or size is back in stock. Simply go the product page, select the size you want and click on the ‘Notify me if in stock’ button that appears. Make sure you’re logged in before requesting the notification.
Find in Store
Did it sell out or simply can’t wait to get your hands on that new item? Check if it is available in store. You can check product availability status in our stores by clicking on the Find in Store button that is visible on the product page. Please note that store inventory may be limited. Call your local store to ensure availability.
In store Ordering System
On the other hand, if you are visiting one of our stores and the product of your choice is no longer available on the shelves, ask our store stylists and they will be happy to help you ordering it on our In store Ordering System.
Gift Cards
Levi’s® Gift Cards are available for purchase in selected retail stores. See below for more details.
1. The Gift Card is only valid at participating Levi's® stores in the issuing country.
2. The Gift Card is valid only after payment of the specified amount and activation at the till.
3. The credit on the Gift Card account is held in the local currency of the issuing store.
4. The Gift Card is impersonal and transmissible.
5. No interest is payable on the Gift Card credit balance.
6. The Gift Card is valid for an unlimited period of time.
7. Please keep the Gift Card as carefully as cash. Levi Strauss & Co. accepts no responsibility for stolen or lost Gift Cards.
8. The balance of the Gift Card can be used for a full or partial payment.
9. The credit on the Gift Card can under no circumstances be refunded.
10. Levi Strauss & Co. reserves the right to adapt the terms of use at any time.
Will my payment information be secure?
We take security very seriously, so we do everything we reasonably can to protect your information. All confidential data, including payment information, is encrypted and transmitted through our industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
Should any unauthorized charges show up on your credit card as a result of shopping with Levi.com, you must alert your credit card provider immediately and in accordance with your credit card’s reporting rules and procedures.
Please note that we’ll never ask a customer to confirm any account or credit card details via email. If you receive an email claiming to be from Levi’s and asking you to do so, do NOT respond and please contact us immediately.
What kind of payment does Levi.com accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

We also accept:

- ApplePay in all countries (excluding Norway)

- Maestro - all countries (excluding Ireland)

- Bancontact in Belgium

- Carte Bancaire in France

- DotPay in Poland

- EPS in Austria

- iDeal in the Netherlands

- Klarna in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK

- VisaDankort in Denmark

We do not accept cash, personal checks, gift cards or telephone orders.

What is Levi.com’s privacy policy?
Click Here to read privacy policy.
How does Levi.com use cookies?
Click Here to see our Use of Cookies.
How does Levi.com provide secure shopping?
We use industry recognized security technology for establishing an encrypted channel to pass information between two systems. This link ensures that all data (payment information, personal information) passing between your computer and our websites remain private and secure.

Should any unauthorized charges appear on your credit card as a result of shopping on our websites, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

Please note that we never ask a customer to confirm any account or credit card details via email. If you receive an email claiming to be from Levi Strauss & Co. asking you to do so, do not respond and Contact Us.
What are my choices regarding my information?
Click Here to see choices regarding your information.
How do I unsubscribe from marketing e-mails?
You may Unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any of our marketing emails or contacting us Here.
How do I contact you with a data privacy or security question?
How do I make changes to my account info?
Making changes to your account is easy – just Log In and edit your information.
How do I create a Levi.com account?
Creating your Levi's® account is simple — just* Click Here to register.
I have forgotten my password – what should I do?
If you forget your password, no problem – we’re happy to help you Reset It Via Email.
All of your profile details are confidential, as per our Privacy Policy.
What are the perks of having a Levi’s account?
Having a Levi’s account lets you save payment and shipping information, and helps you track your orders. We’ll also save your purchase history so it’s easy to reorder your favorite pieces.(Of course, all details you add to your profile are completely confidential, as per our Privacy Policy.)
And don’t forget to sign up for email notifications! We’ll send you special offers, gift ideas, and first look at new arrivals.
What is levi’s® 247?
Levi’s® 247 is the name of Levi’s loyalty program in Europe. This program offers members exclusive rewards, early access and a more personalised experience. The more you use the Levi’s® app, the more opportunities you will have to collect coins, which can then be converted into rewards.

As a member, you will have access to exclusive products and collections, the opportunity to shop launches & promotions before anyone else, as well as access to amazing experiences.

You can enjoy the program via participating Levi’® stores, on Levi.com or directly through the Levi’s® app.
How Do I Sign Up For Levi’s® 247?
You can sign-up to Levi’s® 247 in store or downloading our app in the App Store or Google Play.
As a Levi’s® 247 member you earn coins with every purchase made in our participating stores. You will earn 10 coins for every euro spent.

1€ spent = 10 coins
100€ spent = 1.000 coins

You can earn coins in all countries* where Levi’s® 247 is available, but please note that you will only be able to redeem your coins in the country of enrollment.

If you return a purchase, the associated coins will be detracted from your account.

Earn coins automatically

Upon sign up: 501 coins
Your Birthday: Celebrate your special day with a gift from Levi's®. Make sure your profile in the app is up to date.

Earn coins by checking in at participating Levi’s® stores

Get rewarded by checking into participating stores and buying your favourite items. You will earn 100 coins every time you check-in to one of our Levi’s® stores and 10 coins for every euro spent.

Coin Limit

The maximum number of engagement coins you can earn is 2.000. These are the coins you can earn by interacting with the programme versus purchasing. This 2.000 coins limit is renewed every time you make a 99€ purchase.
You can burn your coins and convert them into discount vouchers to be used in-store or use them to enter exclusive competitions within your Levi’s® app

To burn coins in-store: Download our Levis® app, in the 247 section, you can access different discount vouchers that can be redeemed directly at the till. You can also create and redeem your vouchers on our in-store iPads.

Vouchers will expire 7 days from creation and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or sales. Only valid on purchases over 99€

To burn coins in exchange for raffles: Within the Levi’s® App you will find exclusive raffles which you can enter by burning coins. The number of coins required to enter will vary.

Discount Vouchers

The below chart shows the number of coins required to access discount vouchers. Once you have burned your coins, they will be deducted from your total coin balance.

500 coins 5€ Discount Voucher
1000 coins 10€ Discount Voucher
2000 coins 20€ Discount Voucher
2500 coins 30€ Discount Voucher

Vouchers are only valid on purchases over 99€. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, student discounts, promotions or sales and will expire 7 days from creation.

An important reminder: coins expire

Coins will expire a year after you earn them, so join us and live in Levi’s® 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make the most of your benefits.

Rest assured your membership level will remain the same after coins expire, they will just no longer appear as ‘available coins’ in your Levi’s® app.
How Do I View My Coin Balance?
You can check your coin balance any time by:

- Checking the 247 section within the Levis® app
- Logging in on our in-store iPads.
When Will The Coins I Earn Be Added To My Account?
When you purchase in a Levi’s® store, your coin balance will be updated within 24h of purchase.
If I make a return, will coins be deducted from my account?
Yes, the coins that were added to your Levi’s® 247 account when you made the initial purchase will be removed from your account when your return is received by Levi’s®.
Can I use my membership across the world?
No, Levi’s® 247 is just available in participating countries in Europe. You will be able to earn coins in all countries where Levi’s® 247 is available, but you can only redeem your coins in the country of enrollment.
Please see detailed information regarding personal information within the Privacy Policy . You can also view our general Terms and Conditions .


Any questions?

Write to us at CustomerService.Spain@levi.com , and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can. Or, if you prefer, you can call us on 00800 53847 501 and select option 2. Our phoneline is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET, Monday to Friday.

* Participating countries: Belgium, Czech, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Spain, UK


Levi's® Store Albacete Tesifonte Gallego
C/ Tesifonte Gallego

Levi's® Store Madrid X
C/ Copenhague, 53, local 54

Levi's® Store Valencia Bonaire
C.Cial Bonaire

Levi's® Store Alicante Reyes Católicos
C/ Reyes Católicos, 3

Levi's® Store Alicante Plaza Mar 2
Avda Denia S/N – C.Cial Plaza Mar 2

Levi's® Store Granada Nevada
C.Cial Parque Nevada

Levi's® Store Madrid Xanadu
C.Cial Xanadu

LFO Barakaldo Megapark
Megapark Barakaldo Loc. 38-39 Avda. De La Ribiera S/N

Levi's® Store Barakaldo Max Center
C.Cial Max Center Kareaga Loc.17-B Barrio De Kareaga S/N

Levi's® Store Cartagena Espacio Mediterráneo
Cabezo Beaza Industrial Estate

Levi's® Store Murcia Nueva Condomina
C.Cial Nueva Condomina Local A-93 A7 Km 760

Levi's® Store Córdoba
C/ José Cruz Conde, 10

LFO Getafe The Style Outlet
P. Frabricantes Factory Levi's® Oulet Store, Loc.24-25 Avda. Rio Guadalquivir S/N

Levi's® Store Huelva Holea
Ronda Exterior Zona Sur, s/n

Levi's® Store Ibiza
Avda. Ignasi Wallis 2

LFO Jerez De La Frontera Luz Shopping
Local 9F, Luz Shopping R. Noronha S/N

LFO Murcia La Noria
C.Cial La Noria, Loc.23-24, A-7km.65

LFO Madrid Las Rozas Village
Las Rozas Village Loc. 64 C/Juan Ramon Jimenez 3 N-Vi Exit 19

Levi's® Store Madrid Parque Sur
C.Cial Parque Sur Loc.15 Ctra. De Toledo Km.9

Levi's® Store Madrid Fuencarral
C/ Fuencarral 24
Levi's® Store Madrid Plenilunio
C.Cial Plenilunio, Loc.113, Planta 1, C/Aracne 3, Pol.Ind.De Las Mercedes
Levi's® Store Principe Pio
C.Cial Principe Pio, Loc.G-6, Paseo De La Florida S/N
Levi's® Store La Vaguada
C.Cial La Vaguada, Loc.B-107, C/ Monforte De Lemos 36
Levi's® Store Madrid Islazul
C.Cial Islazul Loc.188 C/Calderilla 1
Levi's® Store Madrid La Gavia
C/ Adolfo Bioy Casares, 2 Local B12
Levi's® Store Madrid Plaza Rio 2
C/ Antonio Lopez 109
Levi's® Store Madrid Plaza Norte 2
Plaza del comercio 11-12
Levi's® Store Madrid Preciados
C/ De Preciados, 15

Levi's® Store Madrid Gran Plaza 2
C.Cial Gran Plaza 2, Loc A088

LFO Malaga Designer Outlet
C/ Alfonso Ponce De Leon 3-2

Levi's® Store Melilla Parque Melilla
C.Cial Parque Melilla, Paseo De Las Rosas 19a

Levi's® Store Olot Sant Rafel
C/ Sant Rafel 33

Levi's® Store Ondara CC Portal De La Marina
C.Cial Portal De La Marina, Loc.A 35 Planta Alta. Pol. Industrial Partid Marjals Sectores 5-6-7

Levi's® Store Orihuela La Zenia
C.Cial La Zenia Boulevard, C/Jade 2

Levi's® Store Madrid Zielo
Avda. Europa 26B

Levi's® Store San Sebastian De Los Reyes The Style Outlet
Outlet Dehesa Vieja Loc. F116-117, C/Salvador De Madariaga S/N

LFO Alicante CC San Vicente Raspeig
The Outlet Stores Alicante Ctra. De Alicante, 94

Levi's® Store Sevilla Lagoh
Avda. Palmas Altas S/N, Local A29 LFO Sevilla Fashion Outlet
Pi Los Espartales Centro Comercial Factory, Sevilla, Aeropuerto, Local 28

Levi's® Store Valencia Aqua
Levi's® Store Valencia Lauria
C/ Lauria 22
How do I customise a product online? Which products are customisable?
We currently offer customised printed T-Shirts, tote bags, fleece products and embroidered trucker jackets. Select your desired product, customisation position, font (embroidery), text, colour, size and quantity, then add the product to cart. Note that only one customisation is allowed per Levi’s® product.
Customise your Levi’s® products here.

Still need help? Contact us.
When will I receive my customised product?
Customised products are unique and require additional processing time, so please allow up to 5 additional business days from the estimated delivery date of your chosen shipping method.

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Can I modify or cancel my custom order?
Customised orders cannot be modified once placed. This means you can’t change the design or text – or placement of either – and you’ll need to place a new order if you’d like to increase the quantity. Please call 00800 53847 501 or email ecustomerservice@levi.com for assistance.

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Can I return my custom order?
Customised items are not eligible for return or exchange.
If your Levi’s customised product has a material or workmanship flaw, Levi’s will accept your return. Please call 00800 53847 501 or email ecustomerservice@levi.com for assistance.

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