Unveiling Paris: A Weekend Adventure with Levi's Red Tab Ambassadors

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March 2024

Unveiling Paris: A Weekend Adventure with Levi's Red Tab AmbassadorsUnveiling Paris: A Weekend Adventure with Levi's Red Tab Ambassadors

Join us to reveal an exclusive journey of our Levi's Red Tab Ambassadors!

Six super lucky members from Spain, Italy, and France won the competition to become Red Tab Ambassadors, and here they go, embarking on their first exclusive experience in Paris, where shopping sessions, leisurely street walks, delicious Parisian cuisine, breathtaking views, and a friendly atmosphere promise to bring together the essence of Levi's denim lifestyle and Parisian vibe.


A shopping session offered to our 6 lucky winners

The experience begins with a cool shopping session at Levi's flagship store (76 Avenue des Champs Élysées, Paris). From iconic pieces to the latest collections, our ambassadors had the chance to pick their favorite denim looks, ensuring they'll enjoy Paris in style, comfort, and authenticity.

Our members spent an amazing week end in Paris

Seeing Iconic Monuments, one-of-a-kind architecture, and Parisian vibe made everyone enjoy city's cool and youthful essence and creat lasting memories together.

The crew is having a visit to Montparnasse Observatory, reveling in panoramic views of the city from the very top.

Enjoying culinary delights of Paris, featuring local cuisine in charming cozy locations.

As the sun sets, the fun begins. Our ambassadors head to the iconic Moulin Rouge, experiencing the allure of iconic Parisian nightlife.

On the final day, they uncover hidden gems of Paris, discovering the city's secrets and treasures. They enjoy a leisurely brunch, reflecting on the experiences and forging deeper connections as they bid farewell to Paris and each other.


More experiences to discover soon

As the weekend draws to a close, the Levi's Red Tab Ambassadors reflect on their unique and authentic adventure, which captured the essence of the brand, denim lifestyle and an exclusive Parisian experience. Until their next rendezvous in Milan, they carry warm memories of a weekend filled with friendship, adventure, and the timeless spirit of Levi's