We like to call Levi's® jeans the uniform of self expression. But unlike most uniforms, they’re made to show off your personal style as opposed to restricting it. With iconic fits and timeless appeal, Levi’s are made to be worn by anyone and everyone—but never worn the same.

We teamed up with tastemakers and denim lovers across Europe to get inspired by their personal style and see how they're getting ready for their first days back after the summer. Each has their own unique take on our favourite iconic and seasonal pieces and we can't get enough of these looks.


Fashion model and dancer

Comfort Kondehson

Lives : London

Comfort considers herself a social butterfly by heart. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in London for the past 3 years, Comfort works as a full time model but studied comtemporary ballet and also worked for a dance company in the UK.

This social butterfly loves fashion and style, although she wouldn't really be able to describe her own style as it changes with her mood. She has a big love for vintage clothing and loves finding hidden gems in vintage stores.

"I’m a girl that loves being social but my comfort zone is sitting at a coffee shop with a book in my hand day dreaming away. My dream job/ life would be to do everything at once (modeling acting dancing) and eventually be a creative director on shoots and movies. But for now I love my life and enjoy hanging out with my friends and doing new things."


Model, music producer and content creator


Lives : Amsterdam

His name is Sua El Gagui, hailing from Madrid, born in 1995 to immigrant parents from Casablanca, Morocco. Due to pronunciation difficulties, he was given the nickname Sua in Spain. At the age of 20 he moved to London, where his passion for music and creating videos with friends began to blossom. He then moved to Amsterdam after some years to continue developing his personal growth.

"Aside from modeling, I find joy in producing music, exploring different cultures and meeting new people across the globe. I also cherish my close circle of loved ones. Being human is something I embrace wholeheartedly. I value the ability to feel, connect, and share through my artistic perspective on life.""

"Throughout my modelling career, I have developed a newfound passion for filmmaking, documentaries, and music videos. I aspire to share my vision and connect people through these mediums. I am incredibly grateful for my modelling journey and the valuable experience gained from working alongside top filmmakers and creatives. Every project allows me to learn and grow. My greatest talent lies in connecting with people and making them feel comfortable and empowered in front of the camera, regardless of their acting or modeling experience. As both a model and director, I understand how to bring out the best in artists and capture the perfect shots."


Fashion model, creative director and stylist.

Sandy Kirik

Lives: Sweden

Sandy loves bubble tea, punk music and having fun while life brings all the crazy experiences. Born and raised in Ukraine, with roots in Mari and Japan, Sandy started her modelling career at 16, travelling the world and living in more than 10 countries

Now 25, Sandy expanded her career in fashion 3 years ago as a Creative Director and Stylist, working on editorials for different magazines. Sandy is also a part of FIIRI Agency as a Social Media and Model Developer, working with models to develop their looks, personality, portfolio and career itself by helping them to expand and work in other countries.

“I love being creative in all the ways possible, working with meaningful things, and bringing good values to the table. Which is why I am working on my own magazine/platform called Faith Love Hope that is going to be a place for me and my team to bring up important topics such as social issues or political ones such as war in my country, and let the young creatives express themselves.”


Photographer and creative director

Paul Edwards Musoke

Lives : Stockholm

Paul Edwards Musoke is an Afro-Swedish freelance creative director and founder of Musoke Productions. At the age of 25 Paul has become one of Sweden's most promising photographers and creative talents.

As a 12-year-old, Paul moved to live with his mother in Sweden after spending most of his childhood with his grandmother in Uganda. Paul describes his childhood in Kampala, Uganda's capital, as eventful, as he for a short time experienced both privileges and what it is like to be at the bottom. The move to Stockholm initially meant a cultural clash and loneliness, which made Paul turn to different art forms, for example painting and film as security.

For the past 5 years, Paul has developed his talent and established himself in the creative industry through social media and working with recognized names fashion and music. Paul has been recognized for his unique aesthetics when it comes to fashion photography, styling motifs and art films, as well as the choice of diverse bodies and faces.


Model and content creator

Elisa Sophie

Lives : Germany

Her name is Elisa Sophie, but everybody calls her Lisi. She is 20 years old and grew up in a small town in Germany with her mum and 3 older brothers, although Berlin is like her second home. Lisi has always been interested in expressing herself through her outfits, doing her best to find secondhand clothes and make the most out of them.

You can find her screaming her heart out at concerts, because she loves music. Her hobbies go from skating and snowboarding, to adventures in the nature, to city trips, taking pictures for other people... and Lisi is also professional in cuddling dogs.

"70's and 90's are my favorite years when it comes to fashion".


Model, content creator and singer


Lives : Berlin

It all started with a dream.. and music! From singing in the streets of Frankfurt to moving to the capital of Germany, Berlin, for a better future.

"You won't grow without taking risks" describes Viet Pham's life of being a multidisciplinary artist very well.

The model..

The actor..

The singer..

That's Viet.


Fashion Trendsetter, tattoo artist & skater


Lives : London

Gustavo is a London-based fashion trendsetter. He is best known for showcasing his unique and eclectic style on TikTok which blends street style and tailored clothing with a cowboy aesthetic. With his distinctive style and creative direction, Gustavo has reached over 100,000 TikTok followers in the last 6 months and his audience continues to grow rapidly.

Gustavo’s style has been heavily influenced by travel. He spent several months in Eastern Europe and was based primarily in Croatia where he ran pop-up bars, learned to tattoo, spent time skating and was exposed to a new genre of underground music. These experiences altered his style and changed his perceptions of proportions and accessorizing.