Levi’s® First-ever Circular 501® Jeans Always iconic, now designed for a circular economy.

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January 2022

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Levi’s® jeans are known for standing the test of time—these take it to another level. In a step forward toward more circular practices, we took our most iconic silhouette and designed it to be fully recyclable and made with recycled materials that still live up to our durability standards. Meet our first circular 501® jeans.

Made to be Made Again

For our circular 501® jeans to have a second (and third, and fourth) life after they’ve been worn, we chose materials that can be recycled in the future—starting with the denim. We blended certified organic cotton with Renewcell’s pioneering Circulose® fiber, a sustainably sourced viscose made in part from post-consumer denim and textiles.

We also removed pollutive elements that would otherwise disrupt the cotton recovery process later. Pocketing details, labels and threads—typically made from synthetic fibers—are made with 100% cotton to enable easier recycling. We chose metal trims that are not electroplated to eliminate heavy metals and reduce water consumption.

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How We’re Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Choosing recycled denim content blended with certified organic cotton uses fewer natural resources and fewer chemicals to produce. We utilized our Water<Less® technique for fabric dyeing and garment finishing, with zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in the finishing process. We’re always looking for ways to conserve environmental resources whenever possible.

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By producing our signature jean, the 501®, with recycled content and in a way that makes them recyclable, we’re hoping to show ourselves and the industry that it really can be done, and that we can deliver more sustainable product that saves resources, still looks great, and meets the highest quality standards.

Paul Dillinger, VP of Design Innovation

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We have seen the future, and it’s circular. Check out our first-ever circular 501® jeans and our sustainable WellThread® collection to buy better and wear longer.