Garment Care

Be kind to your Levi’s® garments to ensure many happy years of use. These guidelines explain the dos & don’ts of cleaning & treating various fabrics.

Garment Care

Caring for Denim

  • Less Laundering

    It’s best to wash denim as little as possible, not only to prevent shrinking & fading, but to conserve water, which lessens negative impact on the environment. When they are ready for a freshening up, turn jeans inside-out & wash separately in cold water and line dry, if possible.

  • Denim, De-coated?

    It may seem like a good idea to have embellished or coated denim professionally dry-cleaned, but this can actually damage fragile details like embroidery & over time, wear away waxy finishes. Instead, soak your specialty denim in cold water for up to 10 minutes without detergent, then lay flat until dry.

  • Give up on Gimmicks

    Some denim enthusiasts swear that washing dark jeans with a cupful of coffee with keep their color truer, longer. Allow us to instate a no-joe policy! The truth is that even the inkiest of denim garments are subject to fading if machine-washed & dried. Instead, hand-wash them, inside-out in a tubful of cool water. Soak for up to 30 minutes with mild detergent, gently swirl to loosen any set-in sediment & line dry.

  • Avoid color blunders

    To revitalize the color of an old pair of jeans, we’ve heard you should wash them with a brand new pair to encourage dye transfer. Bad idea? Well, it depends. There is no harm in two very dark jeans going in for a soak together, but there’s no telling what sort of tint you’ll wind up with when dealing with lighter & more vibrant colors. Good rule of thumb: if the method seems dubious, leave your denim out of it.

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