Teacher Savings


Teacher discounts are important to us here at Levi’s® because, well, teachers are important to us here at Levi’s®. We know how much work educators put into preparing our youth for their future. In fact, most of us wouldn’t be here without the help of some wonderful educators from our youth who helped us along the way. (Shout-out to this copywriter's high school English Teacher). That’s why it’s the least we could do to offer you all a special 15% OFF teacher discount. You’re all smart people, but we bet many of you are wondering what you can use your teacher clothing discount for. Well, the way we see it, the possibilities are endless. Think jeans and shorts for your weekends, polos for your classroom, and dresses and pants for your next big meeting. Whatever you need to make your life as an educator easier, you can use your teacher discount on it. You’re welcome.

Orange, green and blue gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on topOrange, green and blue gradient texture plate with white "15% OFF" text treatment on top

Ok so a little about us. We’re Levi’s®. Which you hopefully already know if you’re looking into our teacher discount. We’ve been in the workwear and professional attire game since––well, pretty much day one. We don’t like to brag, but we kind of invented the blue jean which means that at this point we’re like the dictionary definition of classic Americana. But enough about our history, let’s get to our present. We make clothes that last. You know those brands that trade on trends and hope to catch a little piece of the fast fashion fortune? Yeah, that’s not really our thing. Instead, we prefer to make men’s, women’s and kids' apparel and accessories anchored in a classic design ethos and built from hardwearing, quality materials. We make jeans, t-shirts, button-downs, shorts, skirts, pants, tops––you name it. It’s all in the Levi’s® portfolio. Because we’re dedicated to making clothing that serves you wherever you are, however you work, or relax, or whatever else you do in your day. It’s just our thing. Making quality, classic clothing for you.