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You’re About to Learn How to Make a Wallet

Nothing’s more personal than a handmade gift. Here’s a simple, surprisingly elevated DIY project using items you probably have at home.

This multipurpose foldover wallet is easy to make and easy to love. It goes with everything and is the ideal sizenot too big or smallto carry just what you need. Added bonus: using recycled denim is a great way to sustainably repurpose and refresh worn-out jeans.


A pair of old jeans

Flat elastic cord

Measuring tape


A button

Sewing Needle

Sewing Pins



Step 1: Cut off one pant leg, from mid-calf to the leg opening.


Step 2: Turn the pant leg inside out. Pull your flat elastic cord through the inside (make sure it’s centered) and fold it over, creating a loop. Make sure there’s enough slack on the cord to wrap around the finished wallet multiple times.


Step 3: Secure the raw edge with sewing pins to hold the fabric in place.


Step 4: Sew the raw edge shut (while it’s still inside out).

Step 5: Sew the button on the outside of the wallet (make sure it’s centered).

Step 6: Fold the wallet and wrap the cord around the button closure. You’re done!

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