True Romance

February 9, 2018

Flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped everything—love is in the air over here at Levi’s® headquarters. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we sat down with four couples and asked a few made-you-blush questions about their loves and love life. Curious? Get out the tissues and read on.

CAROLCHASE PETERSON, Levi’s® Manager, Demand Generation & TIM GIROUX, Business Development

How’d you two meet?

CAROLCHASE: We met in college. My freshmen year, his sophomore year. We were both on the rowing team. They were separate teams but we shared a boat house. Tim says we met in the dining hall, but I remember walking downstairs in the boat house and seeing him on the dock.


What’s been your most memorable adventure together?

CAROLCHASE: My family has a ranch in Wyoming, and I grew up riding horses. Tim did not. The first time he came to visit, I took him on this nine-hour horseback ride, which I thought would be super cool because we were right outside of Yellowstone. Tim loved it, but I remember he got off his horse after and literally could not walk. It was pretty funny. Now he rides all the time and loves it.


What does love mean to you?

Someone you can tell anything to and want to do everything with and can really confide in. They’re just your person.

LAUREN SORNBERGER, Levi’s® Senior Manager, Ecommerce Marketing & KEVIN VAN ‘T KLOOSTER, Privacy Lawyer

How long have you been together?

LAUREN: About eight months. We’re perpetually in the honeymoon phase. He moved to LA about two months in, so now we’re doing long distance. Luckily with Facetime and everything we can still see each other. We send each other little cards and leave little notes in each other’s apartments when we visit. It’s really sweet and exciting.


What do you remember most vividly from your first date?

LAUREN: His smile. When he smiles his eye wrinkles go all the way down his face. He’s just so smiley.


How’d you know it was love?

LAUREN: It was just the level of comfort I felt so quickly. I’m not a very open person, and for me to feel as comfortable as I did as quickly as I did was just—I’d never felt that way before.


What’s your favorite love story?

LAUREN: Omigod. This is so embarrassing. I just watched “The Holiday,” and I remember watching it when I was younger and being like, “I want to be in love like that!” And I feel like now I am, and it’s so corny, but it’s also so lovely.


JUSTIN WHALEY, Levi’s® Global Copywriter & JORGE PIÑERO, Teacher

What do you remember most vividly from your first date?

JUSTIN: We had a nightmare of a first date—not the company, just the dinner! We went to a nice restaurant and both ordered what we thought was going to be a full meal of scallops and sides, but it ended up just being three tiny scallops. We had the same reactions: shock and laughter. Because we were still hungry, Jorge suggested we go to a cafe for cake since we didn’t have a real dinner. (We both love sweets!)


What does love mean to you?

JUSTIN: Every day, when the day’s almost over, I start to get excited about seeing Jorge when I come home. That’s what love is to me: the feelings of excitement and happiness I get from him. It’s about being comfortable with who you are and who they are, as well as taking pleasure in the little things.


JORGE: Love is probably the only thing that makes you better as a human being. It helps you forget a little about yourself: what you want, what you need, what you expect. At the same time, it also makes you feel like the best person you can be when you’ve found someone who feels the same way.


What’s been your most memorable adventure together?

JORGE: Every time we do something for the first time together is a memorable adventure.


JUSTIN: It’s hard to pick just one. The first trip we took together was a short weekend away in Santa Cruz, but it was so spontaneous and fun. We kayaked and walked around the boardwalk. I made him go on a kid’s ride with me called the Sky Glider and he was a little scared! It was cute.


MICHAEL MIANO, Levi’s® Senior Graphic Designer, Digital & MOLLY MIANO, Advertising Account Director

How’d you two meet?

MICHAEL: We were both working in New York. While Molly was home for Christmas, her mom saw that we were friends on Facebook. She had her call me because it turns out Molly’s mom and my dad grew up in the same town in Long Island, so our families had known each other something like 50 years ago. She even knew my grandfather!


What does love mean to you?

MICHAEL: It’s this realization that you, your life, is half of something. You go through life as a whole, as one person being on your own team, and I think when you find someone who you want to share that with, you realize that you’re not losing your identity of self. You get to be on this team, this unit that’s together and united through everything.


What’s been your most memorable adventure?

MICHAEL: Our three-week, cross-country drive. New York to San Francisco by way of North and Mid-United States. 13 states, 55 hours, 3,700 miles. We had a really good run in a minivan seeing America, picking places out on a map.


What’s your favorite love story?

MICHAEL: Aside from our own? “When Harry Met Sally” is one we always watch. A Midwest blonde meets the New York boy, it’s kinda nice. Also, shout out to Masterpiece Theater. Mr. Bates and Anna from “Downton Abbey.” I think they’re a good unit.