Levi’s® Presents:

There Is No Wrong

June 10, 2019

THERE IS NO WRONG. That was the name of our customization art exhibition held in Tokyo. Showcasing 28 artists — the majority from New York— the show focused on the themes of culture, community and collaboration.

Location, Location, Location

As Levi’s®, it was important to us that we foster a space for creatives to exhibit their latest work, engage in globalized culture-sharing and collaborate with other cutting-edge artists. THERE IS NO WRONG was a space where artists could embrace art-making and culture creation as a group and collective, rather than as individuals.

One of One

Our original 501® jeans and Trucker Jacket, having been customization classics since day one, became the perfect canvases for a project that embodied our belief in celebrating individuality. The beauty of the exhibition was its constant evolution as the week progressed. Everything from the artwork on the walls to the living-and-breathing artist studio and merch was created by the artists.

From the Archives

In addition to the new original works on display, people could see rarely viewable custom Levi’s® denim straight from our Archives in San Francisco.

Roll Call

THERE IS NO WRONG was just one expression of these artists’ shared individuality. Follow them on Instagram to see their personal works.

Justin Adian

Miyako Bellizzi

Kevin Emerson

Joe Garvey

Chase Hall

Dean Levin

Natalia Mantini

Jordan Nassar

Kazuma Ogata

Tamara Santibanez

Nick Sethi

Luke Todd

Mayumi Yamase

Nathalie & Hotel Drugs

Peter Shire

Peter Sutherland

Lyz Olko

Mario Ayala

Mark Flood

Nick Atkins

Ramsey Dau


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