Celebrating Mother’s Day

The Ultimate Levi’s® Heirloom

May 12, 2019

This year, in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing the story of Violet Mutter, the great-grandmother of one of our own employees, Rebekah Davies.

During the Dust Bowl of the 1930s, Violet and her entire family migrated from Oklahoma to California, where they worked as migrant fruit pickers.

“Stuff like camping and cattle-driving weren’t traditions to my family. That’s just what people did.”

– Rebekah Davies

While raising her family on a cattle ranch in California during the Great Depression, Violet bought a Levi’s® Riders Jacket that would be worn by several generations to come. Throughout the years, the jacket was worn by Violet, her daughter Anna Leah, her granddaughter Aleta and Rebekah herself. To Rebekah, this hand-me-down jacket is more than a family heirloom — it’s a well-worn piece of clothing that her great-grandmother loved and in which the women of her family lived their lives.

“Violet was an amazing woman — she always carried a swimsuit and a pair of sneakers in her car in case she came across a creek to swim in. That way she was always ready for anything.”

– Rebekah Davies

Along with this jacket, Violet passed down her spirit of adventure and curiosity for the world around her. Both Violet and Anna Leah remained active in their eighties, and Rebekah plans to do the same.

Lucky for us, Rebekah recently donated Violet’s jacket to the Levi Strauss & Co. Archives in hopes that more people can appreciate her great-grandmother’s legacy.

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