The Levi’s® Virtual Assistant

July 11, 2019


We’re always working on innovative ways to give our customers a better shopping experience. And now with the help of our brand-new Levi’s® Virtual Assistant, connecting with us is easier than ever. 


To get started, activate your Amazon Alexa or Google Home by saying your hotword (“Alexa” or “OK Google”), followed by a request starting with “Ask Levi’s®.”


Here are some things you can ask the new Levi’s® Virtual Assistant:


“Ask Levi’s®, where can I use my gift card?”

“Ask Levi’s®, how much does shipping cost?”

“Ask Levi’s® to find a store near me.”

“Ask Levi’s® to help me find a pair of high-rise skinny jeans.”

“Ask Levi’s® what are current promotions?”


These are just a few things you can ask your Alexa or Google Assistant to do, and we’re always adding more. To learn more about how the Levi’s® Voice Assistant can help you, say: 


“Ask Levi’s®, what can you do?” 


While a lot has changed since we invented the first blue jeans in 1873, our dedication to innovation remains the same. Check out our Values page to learn more about the principles that drive us. 

Get the Levi’s® Virtual Assistant on your Amazon Echo or Google Home today.