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The Dad Hat: An Ode To Father’s Day

We think it’s fair to say that parental fashion made a bit of a comeback. Remember when “mom jeans” were a laughable taboo worthy of late-night sketch comedy? That was only 2003. Less than 15 years later, they’re back with a vengeance. And they’re not alone.


Say hello (again) to “The Dad Hat.” Once mocked, now coveted, the dad hat remains one of summer’s biggest trends for a third year in a row. All thanks to early-aughts dad fashion.


What’s the difference between a traditional baseball cap and a dad hat? Two things: the dad hat’s unstructured crown and curved brim. Those details are what make it the now-cool, casual, and streetwear-ready accessory that it is.

What has, and will hopefully, never change is what these hats symbolize. Since their first on-field appearance in 1849, these uniquely brimmed hats have represented a strong sense of comradery, and at the same time, individuality.


So rep your team, rep your brand, or rep your favorite food. Whatever you rep, just remember to thank dad when you see him. Turns out he knows a thing or two after all.

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