heirloom gifting ideas heirloom gifting ideas

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October 30, 2018

We know that family heirlooms are more than just objects, they’re keepers of memories, both old and new. They can be loved and lived in, and more importantly, they can be anything. Whether it’s a vintage Levi’s® Trucker Jacket or a piece of jewelry that’s been treasured for decades, this holiday season we celebrate the objects — and their stories — that have been handed down from generation to generation. Because as the saying goes, the best gifts are those that keep on giving.

Name:  Sean Lequang

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Heirloom: Levi’s® Capital ‘E’ 1960s Trucker Jacket

The story: I have five pairs of vintage 501® jeans that I’ve found. These jeans have lived their way through generations, have been worn and washed and found their way to me. My favorite vintage piece is this Levi’s® Capital E 1960s jacket that I thrifted. It was a wreck, but I hand-repaired it, and now it fits perfectly.

The gift that keeps on giving: Being optimistic.

Name:  Samantha West

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Heirlooms: Scarf, hat and ring

The story:  My mom is a big scarf collector, and over the years she’s been gifting them to me. My dad wears a hat every day, and this is one of his. The ring was my grandfather’s. The legend is that it was his pinky ring. It’s too big for my pinky, but I wear it every day.

The importance of heirlooms: I love incorporating things from my family. You can feel the woo-woo. Their presence and having these things on my skin means a great deal to me. I feel lucky to be trusted.

Favorite part about the holidays: New connections; old connections, and how they form future memories. The holidays are an annual milestone for us, for better or worse. They encourage reminiscing and growth.

Name: Raul Diaz

Home: Long Beach, CA

Heirloom: A hammer

The story: I have a hammer that was given to me by my dad. It’s special because it was handed down to him by one of his first bosses.

The gift that keeps on giving: I would say wisdom or knowledge, actually. Wisdom is something you gain yourself!

Name: Jordan Norwood

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Heirloom: A Lionclaw drum

The Story: My uncle was born in Kingston, Jamaica. When he was my age, he was given a drum called the Lionclaw and has had it ever since. On birthdays we throw big parties and bring out drums and celebrate.

What makes an heirloom important: Keeping the spirit going. If it’s been passed down generation to generation and the flame is always staying lit.

Name: Bianca Valle

Home: New York, NY

Heirloom:  Levi’s® 501® Jeans

The story: When my father came to the USA from Mexico City on a baseball scholarship, he bought his very first pair of 501® jeans. A year ago, my mom was loading up her car with a bag of donations. I saw them peeking out of the bag and pulled them out. I turned them into baggy cut-off shorts and wear them all the time.

What makes an heirloom important: It’s not the object itself, but rather the story behind the piece that makes it special.

Name: Mac Huelster

Home: Brooklyn, NY

Heirlooms: Tobacco pipes

The story:  I have old tobacco pipes from my grandfather. I got them when he passed, and they sit on my mantle. The smell will always remind me of him.

What you’ll pass down: I have a few Trucker Jackets, but this one has an Aloha patch on the back. I got the patch in a small shop in Honolulu. Hawaii is a big part of my life, and it’s important for my son to know that side of himself.

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