Sustainability / March 2021

Our Most Sustainably Designed Collection

Back and Even Better

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Levi’s® WellThread® is the pinnacle of our sustainability efforts and aspirations. We’re lowering our impact on the planet at every step of the design and manufacturing process. From our Water<Less® finishing techniques and Worker Wellbeing programs to our commitment to greater circularity and recycling, we’re constantly developing new ways to improve our clothing in our Levi’s® WellThread research and development lab.

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Denim production can be harmful to the environment, but it doesn’t have to be. Made of 20% recycled denim, 20% sustainably sourced viscose and 60% organic cotton, our recycled denim reduces our environmental footprint. This means less water, less carbon dioxide and fewer chemicals for our planet. “Every part of the jean, from the red tab to the thread, is carefully calibrated to maximize their potential for a second life,” says our senior innovation designer Una Murphy.






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“At Levi’s, we consider the past, present, and future. We design for longevity and durability, so the resources used to create our jeans are put to good use.”

–Una Murphy, Levi’s® Senior Innovation Designer

A photo of two models, a man in front and woman behind him, both wearing Levi's wellthread jean jackets.
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Let’s talk greenery. Our Levi’s® WellThread® T-shirts were made using plant-based dyes, water-saving techniques and a low-impact dye method. Our new sonic-dye process vibrates the cellulose (the main substance found in plants) of the fabric to attract and bind the dye. What’s the impact on the planet? This reduces the chemicals and heavy metals used in traditional methods.


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