Mexico City collage. Mexico City collage.

Our Love Letter to Mexico City

January 24, 2020

To test drive our spring collection, we ventured down to one of our favorite places — Mexico City — where we followed a group of friends as they explored the city’s colorful neighborhoods and ornate architecture.

Mexico City collage.
Mexico City collage.

“We wanted to capture the essence of shared discovery and travel in an honest, natural way.”

— Stephanie Piech, Global Brand Creative Associate Art Director

With its vibrant markets and saturated colors, Mexico City is the perfect backdrop for the subtle, pastel tones of this season’s ’90s-inspired styles. Much like our clothes, it’s a place full of unexpected contrasts — just like the sweet-and-sour, hot-and-cold, orange-and-red chamoyada (a scrumptious shaved ice treat that combines chamoy sauce, mango, and lime) sold all over the city. 

Mexico City collage.

We compiled some of our fondest moments in the video below, so you can experience them right alongside us.


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