Women / November 2017

Levi’s® x I Am That Girl


For the past year, Levi’s® has partnered with I Am That Girl to empower the next generation of women. With a community-building mobile app, leadership development curriculum, annual conference and local chapters throughout the U.S., this partnership is championing confidence and promoting not only self-esteem, but self-appreciation. “Every day, girls are bombarded with messages that attack what she is not,” the organization says of its mission. “We work every day to help her love who she is.”


Meet the founder of I Am That Girl: Alexis Jones, a visionary transforming the conversations girls have with each other—and themselves. Levi’s® CMO Jen Sey recently sat down with Alexis for a podcast discussion (available to IATG members via the app and on this blog) on our shared values of community, storytelling and transforming self-doubt into self-love.