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Connected. Not distracted. That was our mission in designing the next iteration of our Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google — an advanced technology enabling you to seamlessly and wirelessly connect your clothes to your smartphone. Originally designed for cyclists as part of our Levi’s® Commuter series, this next-gen version features more applications to enhance your everyday experience.


We start with our iconic Trucker Jacket. Then we build a Jacquard sensor into the left sleeve. With your jacket paired to your phone, you can perform simple actions on the interactive cuff, and receive alerts through the Tag so you’re in control and connected without looking at your screen.


The jacket lets you play music, snap a picture and so much more. Using the Jacquard mobile app, you can assign abilities to four different gestures. You can also assign LED-colored lights to specific notifications — for instance, assigning blue to your boss so you never miss their call. The idea is to easily interact with your digital world without disrupting what’s going on in real life. Here are some of the things you can currently do with Jacquard.”


My Day – Ask Google Assistant to get real time updates about sports, news and weather. Or hear a summary of your day.

Always Together – Receive an alert if you leave your phone or jacket behind. 

Camera – Trigger photos remotely or from a distance with a simple gesture.

Music – Play, pause, skip or hear the title of the current track.

Navigation – Hear your next direction or check your estimated time of arrival.

Phone & Messaging – Stay connected to important calls and texts.


Can I wash the jacket?

Yes — remove the Jacquard Tag before washing on gentle. Line dry.


Does it need to be charged?

Yes — the Jacquard Tag comes with a micro USB charging cable.


How does it connect to my phone?

First, download the Jacquard app to your mobile device, and sign in with your Google account. Then, select the product, pair the Tag, and insert the Tag into the jacket cuff.


Is my device compatible?

Compatible with iOS 10, Android 6.0.1, or newer. Go to jacquard.com/levi/specs to see specific details.


Which countries is Jacquard available in?

US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France, Italy and Germany.


Shop the new Levi’s® Trucker Jacket with Jacquard by Google on levi.com and at select Levi’s® stores around the world.


3rd Street Promenade

1409 3rd Street

Santa Monica, California

(310) 3934899


Nordstrom at The Grove

189 The Grove Drive

Los Angeles, California

(323) 930-2230


Levi’s® Plaza

1155 Battery Street

San Francisco, California

(415) 677-9927


Market Street

815 Market Street

San Francisco, California

(415) 501-0100


Valley Fair

2855 Stevens Creek Boulevard

Santa Clara, California

(408) 956-9124



2307 Northwest Westover Road

Portland, Oregon

(503) 229-0501



495 Broadway

New York, New York

(646) 613-1847


Times Square

1535 Broadway

New York, New York

(347) 809- 5241


Nordstrom Men’s Store

235 W 57th Street

New York, New York

(212) 843-5100




Kurfürstendamm 237

Berlin, Germany

+49 30 8855 3898


Regent Street

176 Regent Street,

London, England

+44 20 7292 2500



76 Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Paris, France

+33 1 5353 0570

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