Levi’s® Performance

October 7, 2019

By now you’ve probably tried jeans that stretch and flex. Now get ready for jeans that keep you cool during a heatwave while simultaneously standing up to a rainstorm. And so much more.

Our futuristic Performance collection includes jeans, tops and outerwear constructed with some of our most advanced technologies like extra-strong denim and PFC-free ripstop fabric that’s both breathable and water-repellent. Not to mention, we just unveiled jeans that absorb and recycle energy. That’s right: jeans that give you energy. But we’ll save that for later. Today, we’re here to share the magic behind Levi’s® Performance + Warm.

+ Warm Technology

With the help of insulated fibers engineered to trap body heat and brushed fabric for extra warmth and comfort, our new + Warm Technology Performance jeans keep you comfortable and temperature-regulated. That means they’ll have your back whether it’s a mild fall day or a bitter-cold winter night.

And the best part: despite the high-tech fabrication, they look and feel exactly like a regular pair of jeans.

Our ultra-flattering Lot 700 jeans also just got a Performance upgrade. Available in our most popular styles, these pants are packed with technical goodness that you’d never notice by look or feel. They still sculpt, lift and hold — and now come with warming benefits, just in time for the colder months.

Check out the entire collection. Shop Performance jeans with Warm Technology and Advanced Stretch online and in stores.


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