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How To Wear Skinny And Baggy Jeans

man wearing skinny jeans and a man wearing baggy jeans
same man twice wearing skinny and baggy jeans

It’s no secret. We’re big on pulling inspiration from different decades to create new, unique styles. Take our SilverTab Collection for example. It’s all about oversized fits, relaxed style and lots of ‘90s attitude. And it’s a great place to start if you’re thinking about mixing up your look to include baggier jeans.

man wearing baggy jeans and striped rugby shirt sitting on chair


Baggy jeans are the ultimate casual style. Wear them with a more fitted shirt and give them an easy step up with a semi-formal shoe, like a chucka.

man wearing skinny jeans


Not ready to give up your slim-fit pants or skinny jeans? Try wearing them with an oversized shirt or looser-fit outerwear for a fresh take on your everyday look.


Go ahead. Change up your look with our full range of jeans and pants.

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