How to Style White Jeans

June 25, 2020

The sun is shining, birds are singing, bugs are biting. We made it. White jeans season is once again upon us. And whether you’re a seasoned white-wearing vet or a rookie trying on your first pair, we’ve got advice on how to pull off the look.


Painters and carpenters, people who have very messy jobs, have traditionally worn white jeans. The moral of the story: a little dirt won’t hurt you. Don’t worry about staying spotless. Instead, try jeans with utility details like hammer loops or extra pockets, and wear them with off-whites and vintage and graphic tees.


White jeans and white tee is an easy and attractive enough outfit on its own. But let’s liven it up a bit. Try piling on different patterns and materials over a clean white base for a little more texture and flavor. Now we’re getting somewhere.


If it’s warm enough to wear white, it’s warm enough to wear shorts. The Levi’s®  501® jean is the original in self-expression, and that tradition continues with our 501® shorts lines for men and women. You’ve got options on how they fit. You can buy your shorts a size or two up so they ride a little lower. Or, if you’ve got the confidence and calves to match, cut them shorter to show a little extra leg. Be sure to grab a techy windbreaker or Trucker Jacket to head off the evening chill.


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