Threading and monogram process Threading and monogram process


How To Monogram Your Stuff

May 29, 2020

Does your twin sister keep stealing your Trucker Jacket? Do you want to add a personal touch to your bandana, or backpack? Levi’s® tailor Jen Sharkey is back to teach us how to monogram garments, so you can chain stitch names and designs into basically everything you own. Check her out, then start making your stuff yours.

Jean jacket laydown of materials


chalking video


Mark the words or design in chalk on your garment. 

initials shown with chalk


Place the embroidery hoop or masking tape around your design. Cut a long piece of thread. Thread both ends though the needle, leaving a loop of thread on one side. 

hoop with monogram


From the back of your fabric, stitch through where you would start the design if you were writing the letter. Do not pull the thread all the way through yet — you’re going to leave a loop on the back side. Then stitch back through to the back side. Place the needle very close to the first stitch, and pull the needle to the back of the fabric again, but don’t pull the thread all the way through. This will leave another loop on the front side.

stitching thread into cloth video


Catch the thread loop on the back side of the fabric with the needle. Pull the loop on the front side of the fabric to secure that first stitch. Repeat the pattern along your outline, keeping the stitching as neat as possible. When you finish your design, you’ll need to secure the stitching.


You’ll do this by stitching up through the last chain in your chain stitch, then stitching back down through the outside of that loop and pulling firmly to set it. Your needle will be on the back side of the fabric. Wind the thread back along three or four stitches, pull firmly, and then trim the thread ends.

final outcome of monogram


Press the garment to get rid of excess chalk and smooth out the stitching. When you’re done, try it on. And don’t let anybody take it.


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