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How to Layer Prints & Patterns Like a Pro

It’s natural to think of layering prints as a little wild, and best left to the experts and eccentrics. But anyone can do it, and everyone should. Just follow these three rules.

Rule No. 1: Size Matters

When you’re mixing and layering prints, don’t just think color and design — think size, too.


Large-scale patterns take up more space. repeat less often, and are calmer. Smaller-scale prints are generally busier and louder. Different-sized scales work well together, so play them off of one another.

Rule No. 2: When You Mix, Don’t Forget To Match

Layering prints doesn’t mean picking them at random. One color should run throughout your outfit. If your patterns don’t match, don’t panic — a hat, bag or shoes can bring it all together for you. And don’t forget about socks. It’s obvious to say, but socks are clothes, too. They shouldn’t be after-thoughts, and can give you that head-to-toe cohesion you’re seeking out.

Rule No. 3: Perfect Is the Enemy Of Cool

We’ve been preaching this rule here a lot — our designers actually say that in every outfit, something should be “a little off.” When you match feminine prints with more masculine ones, or Nylon with cotton, you’re playing with gender and texture in a way that always looks interesting. Also, always remember that you can use pale neutrals and solid Trucker Jackets to relax your entire outfit. You never want to look like you’re trying too hard — and that’s the most important rule of all.

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