How to Layer Prints & Patterns Like a Pro

October 31, 2019

These days you can’t refresh your feed, shop at your favorite store or walk down the street without seeing stylish people everywhere layering prints on prints. To the uninitiated, this styling move can be intimidating. We’ll show you how it’s done in three foolproof steps.

Step 1: Break It Up

Want to wear the same print from head to toe without the stiffness of a suit? Keep it casual and break it up with pieces in solid — but complementary — shades. 

Step 2: Mix Your Colors

One of the simplest ways to pull off a print-on-print look is to pair the same print in different colors. It’s impossible to go overboard and easy to master.

Step 3: Take It Head to Toe

Wearing one print up top and another down below gives you the space to make bolder decisions. Start by mixing iconic prints like buffalo plaid and camouflage and go from there.

Step 4: Match Classic Patterns

A pattern like plaid is timeless enough that you can mix and match it freely. We like the way these plaids share a palette even though they don’t completely match. 

Now you’ve got everything you need to go out into the world and mix those prints. Be sure to post your favorite pattern-heavy looks — we want to see them! — and tag #LiveInLevis while you’re there.


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