How to Dress Kids for Holiday Gatherings

December 21, 2019

When the holidays hit, you can be sure that someone (maybe an overzealous relative, maybe … you) will be capturing every moment. Make sure your kids look adorable in all those photos by following our simple guide to holiday outfits for little ones.

1) Dress them in multicolored and patterned pants. They’re pretty and festive and they pair with everything. They also camouflage the inevitable spills.

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2) Pile on the denim. Yes, you can dress them in three layers of denim. It’s cute, versatile and virtually indestructible (cheer on that all-cousin pileup). Just mix up the washes so the color pops in photos.

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3) Wrap them up in a plaid shawl. It’s classic and cozy — and it doubles as a blanket when they finally conk out.

Don’t forget the littlest ones. Levi’s® has cute clothes for baby girls and baby boys.

They’re cuddly and iconic. (They also make great gifts.)

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