High Tech Performance

We were one of the first brands to get famous for helping people who worked with their hands. Now we’re helping people accomplish things “hands-free.” The Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ by Google is designed for the urban commuter. With Jacquard technology literally woven into the fabric, you can now access your music, navigation and communications simply by swiping your sleeve.

Here’s how it works:

Digital connectivity is provided through the Jacquard snap tag attached to the jacket’s cuff. When the jacket detects a gesture, the tag sends a signal wirelessly to your phone. The jacket integrates with the Jacquard app for your mobile phone, which allows you to customize your experience — whether playing or pausing a song or getting an ETA at your destination.

“The jacket we developed with Levi’s® is the first example of this emerging world of connected things that becomes possible with the Jacquard platform.”

“As we see it, this isn’t just about technology for technology’s sake — it’s about addressing a real need for our consumers on the go,” said Paul Dillinger, vice president of global product innovation for LS&Co. “This garment allows cyclists to literally navigate their rides, and manage other simple tasks, while never having to take their eyes off the road. That, to me, is the true triumph of this jacket.”


We are Google Advanced Technology and Partner’s (ATAP) first collaboration with Jacquard, the Google developed technique of weaving technology directly into fabric. This allows brands like Levi’s® to embed digital interactivity and connectivity into apparel as part of its natural design process, allowing technology to become a new ingredient for its creative expression.


The Levi’s® Commuter Trucker Jacket is the perfect piece for pairing with the knowledge and know-how of Google ATAP’s Jacquard team. As the first interactive garment of its kind, we have built the architecture for how interactive, connected clothing will be made in the future.

“Connectivity, interactivity and computation rapidly expands from screens into the real world, making things that we use, love and wear every day smarter, by reflecting our digital lifestyles and connecting us to the most important services and information at all times,” says Ivan Poupyrev, who’s leading Jacquard platform development at Google ATAP. “The jacket we developed with Levi’s® is the first example of this emerging world of connected things that becomes possible with the Jacquard platform.”


This Trucker Jacket is tricked out with additional bells and whistles, including retro reflective accents, stretch fabric in the shoulder, openings in the back for ventilation and a dropped hem in the back. Like all products in the Levi’s® Commuter™ line, the Trucker Jacket is intended to solve real-world problems. Originally conceived with the urban cyclist in mind, today’s Commuter™ collection speaks to all global urban commuters, offering functionality, performance and purposeful style/design.