women wearing overalls in 1918 women wearing overalls in 1918

Happy 100th Birthday, Freedom-Alls

October 23, 2018

This month, Levi’s® Freedom-Alls turn 100. That marks not only a century of designing and innovating clothes for women, but also empowering them to live fuller lives outside of what the then-traditional skirts and dresses allowed. Before inventing the first women’s blue jean in 1934, our 1918 Freedom-Alls gave women the chance to adapt to their changing roles in society.

poster from 1918 with woman wearing levi's overalls

"Women were playing a larger role in American society, especially in the West, where the company’s retail customers were.”

- Tracey Panek, Levi’s® resident historian

levi's freedom-alls,

Freedom-Alls were a hybrid and precursor of our later-to-be-released jeans and overalls. This two-piece set — a belted tunic worn over matching harem pants — was given a patriotic name, like many items of personal or household use brought to market during the World War I era.


Today, we make clothes for everyone and every lifestyle. To shop the evolution of this once-classic outfit, check out our full women’s line of overalls, pants and more.


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