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DIYs “With Heart:” Farmgirl Flowers Shows Us Five Ways to Keep Denim Out of the Trash

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Jeans, flowers and democracy. What might sound like a weird combination to some, is a trifecta worth celebrating to us. Together with good friend Farmgirl Flowers, we’re donating $10 to our charity partner Rock the Vote for every “With Heart” bouquet you order (yes, even the ones for yourself because self-love is the best love). Specially-wrapped in Levi’s® denim, this lush arrangement is a gift that keeps giving—here are five ways to upcycle that denim wrap into something way cooler than trash.

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More Crafts, Less Waste

DIY Headband

Get crafty with our bud Kit from Farmgirl as she turns the denim wrap into a headband. All you need is a needle and thread, scissors and the ribbon that came with your bouquet. 

Bonus material: One Farmgirl Flowers x Levi’s® denim wrap is enough fabric to make a few headbands, so grab some additional ribbon if you have it. Just think of all the days you’ll make as you gift away the extras.


Show the fur babies in your life lots of love with a one-of-a-kind pet accessory, made by you. Then do the whole world a favor and tag a pic of your furry friend and finished product with @levis on Instagram so we can all live vicariously through your joy.

Paws-itive reinforcement: Cats need love, too. Hook a feline up!


Inspired by the brown-bag school book covers of yesteryear, we’re keeping the skill level elementary for this one. Grab some scissors, fabric chalk (regular works, too!) and a ruler and get ready to feel really impressed with yourself.

Extra credit: Break out the puffy paint. It’s time to let your inner ’90s child loose. 


Looking for your keys in a rush is so stressful, we got stressed just writing this sentence. Our solution: Go big on your keychain so it’s easier to spot in a mess or feel in a bag. 

Key to success: Be patient with yourself and keep it fun. Crafting is a time to explore your creativity, leave all personal judgements at the door.


Adios, water rings. At the end of this project, you’ll have twelve 5”x5” denim coasters. That’s enough to accommodate a pretty epic dinner party or to break up into smaller sets for friends. You’ll need scissors, a seam ripper and some fabric stiffener.

Go pro: Personalize your coasters with embroidery, or even marker, for an extra-special present and use the ribbon from your bouquet to wrap it up.

Flowers and butt shot

We hope you’re as inspired as we are to keep creating and to keep thinking about it sustainably. Check out Farmgirl Flowers x Levi’s® bouquet “With Heart” for a gift that gives back and share your “With Heart” DIYs with us by tagging photos with #LiveInLevis.

And please remember to register to vote! Already have? Help spread the word by sharing our voter information resources on Instagram.

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