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Quality is our common thread. Not only in our clothes but the company we keep. Kunichi Nomura agrees. As a writer, creative director, DJ, interior designer (and more), Nomura is a true renaissance man who believes cultivating relationships should top every creative’s list.


For him, a kindred spirit is more than just a friend or collaborator. It’s someone who shares similar convictions on how to pursue a life well-lived: with excitement, kindness, and a no-holds-barred attitude. 

We followed Nomura through New York City for a day to get a glimpse inside his community. Read on to meet his friends.

“I want to have a good time, always, and I know I can’t have that on my own.” -Nomura


At 22-years-old, Hosono arrived in New York by way of Tokyo. Eager to meet like-minded people, she made her way through the city’s social landscape by going to parties, gallery openings and museums—and offered free haircuts to anyone and everyone.

Hosono now runs Vacancy Project, a gender-neutral hair salon that transcends cultural and normative boundaries. It’s about wearing what you want and being who you are.



Brett Robinson is a California-born, New York-based architectural designer behind a few of Manhattan’s up-and-coming restaurants. Robinson roams his physical surroundings with an infectious wonder for how things are made. Then, he subverts the making.

He surrounds himself with people who are experts in their field: American executives, Japanese creatives, Polish artisans and NYC construction workers. Robinson’s curiosity for matter, material and construction of everyday life fuel his community.


“Specialization is really cool. The more thought that goes into something, the better it becomes. I think that's how communities used to get built.” -Robinson

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