Spring/Summer 2018

Color Theory

April 18, 2018

Soft mint. Sweet pink. Cool blue. This season, our favorite tees, tanks, Trucker Jackets and jeans are washed in a range of soft, milky tones. What we’re really loving? Picking our favorite color and wearing it head to toe. It’s a refreshing twist on monochrome, and spring is the perfect season to try it out.

Here are a few tips on how to perfect head-to-toe color.


Layer varying shades of the color. This will help add depth to your look and really play up the strength of your color choice.


Shown wearing  501® Skinny Jeans in Mellow Yellow and our Cropped Graphic Hoodie in Mood Yellow Logo.


Try grounding the colorful layers in white or black.


Shown wearing 501® Original Jeans and a matching Trucker Jacket in Spring Mint Crispy.


Break up the monochrome with stripes, prints and graphics in complementary colors.


Shown wearing a Trucker Jacket in Sky Blue.


When in doubt, add a classic Trucker Jacket. It gives this progressive look a traditional finish.


Shown wearing 501® Skinny Jeans in Soft Lilac.


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